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FYI – Sparklebox

Posted by on 6 July 2010

I was shocked to find out that one of the best sources for educational resources is having some serious issues.  Apparently this isn’t the first time either.  The site is Sprarklebox and they have tons of free printables for teachers, homeschoolers, parents, or anyone that works with kids.  I mean, their stuff really is good.

However, it seems that the owner of the site has been brought up on charges as being a pedophile.  Most schools in the U.K. are no longer allowed to use the materials from the site.  He makes a profit off the clicks on his site, despite all the materials being free.  The article from TES Connect was the first that I saw.  It pretty much said everything that I needed to know, but I wanted to make sure that someone wasn’t on a witch hunt.

I decided to search Google, just to see what I could bring up.  I searched terms like “Sparklebox owner”, “educational site pedophile”, “Sparklebox”, and numerous other wordings.  They all pretty much said the same thing.  This man really is a bad person and does bad things….to kids!!

So I told the members of the group and I let them know that I wasn’t going to influence them in any way….and I didn’t.  The choice is theirs.  Each one of us has to do what we think is right for us concerning these materials.  I’m just glad that the information is out there for us to be able to research and check facts.

I know….and now so do you!!

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