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I Can’t Believe It’s July

Posted by on 2 July 2010

I sat there looking at the calendar and I just can’t believe it’s already July.  We’ve already passed up half the year.  Yes, 2010 is MORE than half over with.  I just don’t know where time goes.  The old saying goes “time flies when you’re having fun”, but this is ridiculous!!  I might be having fun with my life, but I at least want some time to enjoy it as well.  SHEESH

The worst part is that every day that goes by this fast, my baby girl is closer to being a teen.  I just don’t know how parents can miss out so much on their kids life and never think twice about it.  I’ve been here every day of her life watching her grow and being amazed at each step of her life.  I still feel like it’s been a blur!!

Oh I understand about 2 income families….I came from one.  We still had weekends together.  We went camping, took vacations, and always somehow managed to have family events.  These new “modern families” are just all about themselves so often.  The kids grow up in daycares.  They don’t take vacations.  They think that family time is not talking to the kids while they take them to soccer practice.  The whole time they’re on a cell phone or something else.  How do you do that??  You can’t possibly call yourself a parent.  It used to be “keeping up with the Jones'”, but now it’s “we have to have the most electronics on the block and the best foreign car”.  It’s not about keeping up any more, it’s about objects.

So how do you feel when you look at the calendar and time is just flying by??  Me, I feel sad that so many people miss out on what’s really important and don’t realize it until it’s too late…..if at all.  I feel happy that sometimes, the the house just doesn’t get cleaned because I was too busy chasing her around the house or spreading a board game out all over the floor.

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