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My Backyard

Posted by on 24 June 2010

We were sitting outside about 5pm tonight and the heat was just incredible.  It was still in the high 90’s and not a breath of air moving.  I still wanted to sit in my swing since I finally have a cushion on it again and can enjoy a little time out there.  As I was relaxing and talking to the man about his day, I decided it was the perfect time for a photo shoot.  Right now our grass is a little long because it didn’t get mowed last weekend and this weekend isn’t here yet.  Mind you, it’s not long, it’s just ready for a mow.  Our neighbors on the other hand do have some long grass and weeds.  This is what I decided to make my photo shoot of!!

These are the photos that I took….

4 Responses to My Backyard

  1. Bethanne

    Those are beautiful!

  2. angie

    What wonderful pictures. I can’t believe they were taken so late at night, it still looks fully light outside!

  3. Serendipity is Sweet

    Love, love, love your flowers. Our are just getting started. What a lovely yard you must have!

  4. diane

    awesome photos; thanks for sharing.

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