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Under the Big Top

Posted by on 18 June 2010

One of the most popular themes in the classroom is the CIRCUS!!  And why not??  It’s fun and it captivates the kid’s attention.  I suppose occasionally, there’s a little one afraid of clowns.  They might even be worried a lion will get them.  But overall, the circus is just fun and exciting!!

When I recently had to come up with some ideas for games to share in one of the groups I’m in, I was drawn to the circus.  I had some really great graphics to use and I figured that I could do alot with them.  I love having a big variety!!

I’ve uploaded the games that I made to my 4Shared account.  You can find an entire folder with 4 games that I made for the circus theme.  To add to that, you can find a complete calendar set as well.  It has everything!!  It includes the days, dates, months, and years to 2015.  I’ve previously used the graphics in this set before.  I made some “Ticket Sales” 2-part puzzle cards.  These are for matching coins to money amounts.  Quite awhile back, I also made an English/Language Arts game called “Circus World Parts of Speech“.  This is a file folder game/mats where the player sorts nouns, verbs, and pronouns.

I hope that you enjoy while you’re “under the big top” and that the kids learn while they’re having fun!!

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