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Posted by on 5 April 2010

Some of you may know that at the beginning of the year, there was a huge incident with graphic usage for printables.  The artists decided that they no longer wanted people like me to be able to share the printables that we make using their graphics.  There’s much to the story, but it came down to them believing that by us giving away our Christian and educational printables, that we were flooding the market with their graphics and there wouldn’t be as much of a demand for them.  They only wanted our printable items to be sold.  They also believe that people are just sharing the graphics and not paying for them.  I won’t deny that this has happened, but not by me or the people that I mainly share with.  It would NEVER be allowed in my group!!  Anyway, this created problems for many of us because we were under the understanding that we could use the graphics and had spent good hard earned money on them.  Some of you may notice that I removed a couple of my affliate buttons.  That is because those stores wouldn’t stand behind us and played some dirty tricks of their own.  They even started a group against those of us who give our printables away.

All that aside, I had to update many of my Christian and educational printables.  I added dates as to when the graphics were bought and added the artist name.  Prior to that, I’d mainly given the store credit.  Most of my updates are done and I’ve been able to upload them to my 4Shared account.  You can access my 4Shared here.  Almost, with the exception of a couple items, everything that was available is once again accessable.  I’ve added some new printables and will continue to do so throughout this week.  I won’t update my blog everytime I do, so if you use my printables, keep checking out my 4Shared account to see what’s new!! 

For right now, I’ll tell you just a couple things that I’ve added.  You can find Autumn Magnified and Apple Basket Puzzles for a fall theme.  There’s also Lucky Compound Puzzle Cards for compound words with adorable St. Patrick’s graphics.  There’s also other new ones with cute themes and graphics, so please check them out!!


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