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….And the TRUTH Shall Set You Free

Posted by on 7 March 2010

If everyone remembers correctly, my last post was the “Creative Writer” award.  I thought it was fun and I was hoping to have lots of participation, but it sort of fell shy of that.  Oh well….I gave it my “best fun”!! 

I was happy with all the comments in reply.  Several tried to figure the answer out.  The only problem was that everyone got confused and tried to pick the lie out!!  There was 6 lies and 1 truth.  But, they all tried and hopefully had fun doing so!!

So now, the moment that everyone has been waiting for.  Once again, listed here are my 6 lies and 1 truth with the answer to which is which!!

1.  I’ve never fallen off a bike.  Lie – I’ve had 2 bad falls and the scars to prove it.

2.  I’ve received a personal phone call from 2 NASCAR drivers.  Lie – Although I’ve received 2 phone calls from Texas Motor Speedway, the drivers voices were recorded and no personal.

3.  I’ve always wanted 6 kids.  Lie – I always wanted 4 kids, but I so dearly love the only ONE that God blessed me with.

4.  I read an average of a book a day.  Lie – I don’t have time for that and I can’t stand to wear my reading glasses for that long!!

6.  I kissed a boy when I was 5.  TRUTH – We were getting ready to move and I kissed the neighbor boy who I’d always played with.  Well, he kissed me, but we’re not THAT technical!!

7.  Hubby and I have had 2 honeymoons, so far.  Lie – The truth is that The Man and I have NEVER had a honeymoon and this month is 21 years of marriage!!  I think it’s time, don’t you??

So there you have it!!  Who would have ever thought that I’d kiss a boy at 5 years old??  HAHA 

If any of you decide to play along, please let me know.  I’d love to check it out and take a guess.  Trust me when I say these are just little fibs to see how well people know you.  It’s all about the FUN of it all!!  So go on…..give it a try!!

6 Responses to ….And the TRUTH Shall Set You Free

  1. Bethanne

    Oh, no honeymoon!! You’ll get it eventually, and just think, you’ll probably have more options than you did when you were younger and [most likely] poorer. 😀 We had our honeymoon in Myrtle Beach. It was nice. On a do-ever, I’d like to go to the mountains.

  2. Bethanne

    Hi again, Elaine. I was hoping you could email me and let me know what home schooling curriculum you use. I skimmed all your buttons and stuff, but didn’t see anything I recognized as a shout out for it. I’m going to homeschool next year, and I’m doing some research! 😀 I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.
    matts1stwife at yahoo dot com

    • Elaine

      I’ll e-mail you in a day or so Bethanne!!

      Thanks for all your comments. I appreciate them and enjoy reading them.

  3. Debbie

    Yes! I got one lie right. (I know, I only guessed one).

    I finally wrote on the blog again after 3 months. Maybe I can ease back into it and tell some fibs later.

  4. Patty

    Shame on you for kissing that boy! *teasing*

    When my kids were little every time we attended a wedding I reminded my kids that the reason the preacher says, You may kiss the bride.” Is because up until that point YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION.

    This stuck with the boys for a good long time – and with my daughter until she was seeing the man she is now married to.

    Of course, I wasn’t COMPLETELY serious – but if kids will think twice about kissing, maybe they will think three times about doing anything MORE. And – really – why is it that you don’t get permission to kiss until AFTER you are pronounced man and wife. Maybe we should wait on that?

    Just a thought….. purity is far to rare now days and it would be som lovely to see it come back.


  5. mom

    I know that boy you kissed. Not to bad I guess. How many other young fellows did you kiss and will tell a lie about??????? Ha! Ha!. I love you

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