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Photography Contest – Elements

Posted by on 19 February 2010

Miss K’s photography class is doing another photography contest.  There was one a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t have enough time to post it because it had such a short duration.  That was due to lack of power here in town from that ice storm.  

Here are the letter and directions on how to vote from K’s teacher….  

Our Photography Class is having another photography contest. The topic is “Elements”, which can include just about anything – but I think the students narrowed it down nicely. They chose natural elements to depict in their photos and I think they did a very nice job! Now we need YOUR help to determine which student should win.
Choose ELEMENTS from the drop down menu.
Log in using your e-mail address or name – or just put anonymous in the blank if you would like . Once logged in you will see the entries. They are numbered #1, #2, #3 and #4.
Choose the BEST PICTURE and e-mail your vote to me at  
Things to keep in mind are (1) How well does the photo fit the topic?, (2) Is the photo in focus?, (3) Is the focus on the subject itself or something else in the picture?, (4) Is the photo well framed? (5) Is the photo creative at all or does it look like a simple snapshot?
Please remember that some of the students are very young and they are using point and shoot cameras for the most part.
And please e-mail in your votes by midnight on Tuesday, February the 23rd.
Thanks so much,

Now, to tell or not to tell which photo is Miss K’s!?!?  HHMMM  Let me just say that hers is an element that would be found in or on the ground at her grandparents house.  It has a sparkle to it, but you can’t wear it.  HAHA  Alright, that’s all you get.  I do expect you to vote for the best picture and to be fair.  She did a great job though and I’m very proud of her for this one.  I love all her photos, but I know that she put extra work into this one.

So now, it’s time for out rundown of today’s Olympics!!  Our ladies won in curling for their first game.  The men changed their line-up and brought in the alternate.  However, I can’t tell you if it worked or not because I don’t remember the final score.  Canada is kicking some butt too!!  Our American men got silver and bronze today skiing. and competition started for ice dancing.  The skeleton was so much fun to watch.  I think that’s something I could try!!  HEHE  The Brits have gotten a medal now and we’re up to 25 countries with medals.  Awesome!! 

I just have to say this…..I’m so tired of that Russian skater, Evgeni Pleshinko, whining.  I swear he’s driving me nuts.  Yes, he did a quad.  So what!?!?  The rest of his program wasn’t as good.  He didn’t catch as many edges.  He wobbled.  And the end of the program was totally boring because he did all the big moves up front.  You have to keep it going, and you have to put the effort into the bonus part of the program.  Pleshinko got silver for pity sakes….that’s nothing to whine over.  Be a man!!

Ok, with that said, today’s medal count on Day 7 is….

Overall Medal Count
Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 United States 6 6 8 20
2 Germany 4 5 4 13
3 Norway 5 3 2 10
4 Canada 4 3 1 8
5 France 2 1 4 7
6 South Korea 3 2 0 5
7 Austria 1 2 2 5
7 Russia 1 2 2 5
9 Switzerland 3 0 1 4
10 China 2 1 1 4
10 Sweden 2 1 1 4
12 Italy 0 1 3 4
13 Netherlands 1 1 1 3
14 Poland 0 2 1 3
15 Japan 0 1 2 3
16 Australia 1 1 0 2
16 Slovakia 1 1 0 2
18 Czech Republic 1 0 1 2
19 Latvia 0 2 0 2
20 Belarus 0 1 1 2
21 Great Britain 1 0 0 1
22 Estonia 0 1 0 1
22 Finland 0 1 0 1
22 Kazakhstan 0 1 0 1
25 Croatia 0 0 1 1
25 Slovenia 0 0 1 1

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    Good luck with the photo contest!

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