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File Downloads Disabled

Posted by on 5 February 2010

Due to recent issues with clipart/graphics, I’ve had to close my 4Shared files until I get all my creations updated.  The artists want more credit and have imposed more Terms on the graphics usage.  Some of the store sites have also added to their Conditions.  This has created a mess for many people who create their own printables and share with others.  They say that by us giving away our creations, usually educational printables, that we’re flooding the market with the graphics.  On top of that, we’re hurting the small business that’s trying to sell the same type of items that we give away.  My theory is that if their products are of a good quality and a fair price, people will buy them no matter what we offer for free.  It’s pure GREED!!  They’ve even gone as far as create a Facebook group that is totally against sharing through groups and like I do with my 4Shared.  So much for trying to help people….especially KIDS!!

Anyway, if you click on any of my links, they won’t work.  I have to update everything I’ve ever made, convert it, and then upload it back to 4Shared.  I don’t know how long it’ll take, but I’m going to say quite awhile.  I have lots of things to tend to along with that.  The good part is that by doing this, I’ll finally get some new stuff uploaded!!  I’ll let you know as I get things updated, so hang tight and keep an eye out for word from me when the files are ready.

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