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The Day After

Posted by on 11 January 2010

The Cardinals can all us die-hard Packer fans all the names they want, because as this picture clearly shows, there SHOULD HAVE BEEN A PENALTY ON THE PLAY!!  Up until this moment, it really was a good game….no, a great game.  I enjoyed watching it so much.  I said through the entire game, don’t count Green Bay out and sure enough, they rallied back.  Although they gave up 45 points, but the final whistle, the Pack had also scored 45 points.  No that doesn’t win games, but it sure does make it interesting and fun to watch.

I probably wouldn’t have cared if the Cardinals won, if they hadn’t won on a bad call.  There’s just no excuse for calls….or no calls….for plays like that.  It’s dirty!!  It sure isn’t fair and if that’s what it takes to win, then I don’t need it. 

Rodgers had a good day.  The Packers had a good day as a team.  The defense, I’m not so sure that they showed up several times during the game.  I hope now that their season is over, they get to work on that.  It’s not the first time I’ve seen teams run right through them.  Yet, they ARE tough!!  It just wasn’t their day, but offense surely did it’s part.  I think we had a good chance of winning had it not ended on a bad call.  I have to give Green Bay credit though, the fans are complaining more about it than the team is.  Then again, it’s too late for them and it doesn’t matter now.

Oh well….



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