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Blizzard in OK

Posted by on 24 December 2009

Yes, you’re reading that heading right….it says “blizzard in OK”.  When I woke up this morning, I could hear the wind whipping and a soon as I looked out the window, I could see the snow swirling.  It was amazing!!

I hadn’t seen snow like this since I left Wisconsin.  Well, I guess we had some in Germany, but we didn’t have any real blizzards.  We were forecast bad weather, but nothing like this.  In fact, they said our chance of snow had lessened, but the cold would be extreme.  Looks like both are extreme!!

The roads covered fast.  I started getting worried early about the man.  I started calling his cell phone knowing that he wouldn’t answer.  I was determined to just keep calling because sooner or later, he’d walk past his tool box and hear it or go on break and see that I’d called.  When he finally answered, I told him I didn’t care what he had to do, including taking vacation time, but I wanted him home.  What’s normally a 15 minute trip took him close to an hour.  He said the patches of ice under the drifting snow were horrible.  They  made him take vacation time, even though Ft. Sill was closed to all non-essential personnel.  I think that’s wrong, but I can live with it because he made it home safely and is where he belongs.

We watched the snow build most of the afternoon.  By the time it started tapering off around 3pm, some of the drifts were over my knees.  The average depth of snow was past my ankles.  We don’t have an accurate measurement yet.  I’d have to say 4-6″ though.  I know there’s drifts higher than what’s in our yard and those are high enough.  Roads aren’t drivable, but you still see people trying to get out.  You also see lots of reports on tv about them in drifts or stalled along the road!!  Now what could be so important to go out in the worst weather we’ve had in 20 years??  NOthing if you ask me!!

Every church in town has cancelled their masses for tonight and many have already cancelled tomorrow.  Our church wasn’t listed, so I had kiddo call and tell Father that she couldn’t be alter server.  There’s no way we were going out on these roads just so she could serve.  We can find our own way at home to serve the Lord!!

Well I hope that you and yours are all safe and warm.  Nothing like a cup of hot cocoa and the twinkling lights while waiting for Santa to arrive.  I’ll share some pictures after I get them all downloaded.  With that I say…..

Merry Christmast to all, and to all a good night!!

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