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The Nativity Story

Posted by on 7 December 2009

I have been looking for printable craft projects for kiddo and I to do for Christmas.  I also want an easy printable nativity scene to do with my religion class.  I started looking and I was amazed at how many I found and for the most part, they’re really good.  I plan on sharing all that I found in this post!!

The first is a stand-up nativity located in the right column.  There’s also many other Bible and nativity printables listed on this page.  They’d be a great addition to any religion class or at home.  There’s also a printable nativity for a children’s school and church craft project.  It will link you to here for the black and white printable that the kids will color themselves.  There’s the beginnings of the manger scene, but I couldn’t find any other parts to it.

Next, there’s a couple different nativity dioramas in black and white or color available.  There’s also a fun mobile that can be printed and colored as well.  If you have a spare toilet paper or paper towel roll, there’s a really cute nativity scene at MakingFriends.  You have a choice of printing out the color characters or using the “Bible friends” and coloring them.  I also found some nativity scene clipart that could be used to create a nativity scene. 

An idea for older kids would be to make this creche from pipe cleaners.  There’s also a nativity scene that’s more complex.  On the same site is an uncolorized version.  It’s also available in PDF if you prefer that format.  There’s also a fairly inexpensive nativity scene craft project.

There’s a make-your-own nativity scene.  I also found an online nativity scene that can be arranged and printed when it’s completed.  If you have some extra clay pots around the house, this makes a cute nativity.  Perhaps even some paper or styrofoam cups for this nativity.  Here you will find a very small nativity scene to print.   

Other possibilities ideas are to do a nativity lapbook.  For little ones, you could also do a felt board story or other activities.  There’s another felt board story here.  Finally, I found a site with lots of links for the Nativity of Jesus.  These links are for coloring pages, memory verses, plays, children’s stories and more.  There’s also several links for The Nativity Story here.

I didn’t even begin to touch on the coloring pages.  That’s another post all together!!  I hope that you can find a printable craft for The Nativity Story among all these ideas.  Maybe even one that’s not printable, but uses items you might have around the house.


Jesus IS the Reason for the Season!!

4 Responses to The Nativity Story

  1. Amazing_Grace

    Great links you posted! 🙂

    Yesterday I found a Nativity craft that Kiddo might like to do:

    • Elaine

      Thanks Laura!! That’s a great printable nativity set as well. I love that it’s all hand drawn. Should be a fun one!!

  2. Debbie

    The mobiles and diaramas look neat! How are you Elaine?

  3. Bill @ Toddler Bike Helmet

    That is a great list of do it yourself nativity sets! Thanks for sharing them.

    It always amazes my how creative folks can be and how many ways there are to portray the birth of Jesus…

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