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Four Strait

Posted by on 22 November 2009

Well folks, Jimmie Johnson has done what’s never been done before.  He’s captured 4 NASCAR championships in a row!!

Need-less-to-say, my dad couldn’t be happier.  He’s been a Jimmie fan since Jimmie came on the scene.  He’s been with him through the good….and bad.  He had reason to cheer today. 

There are other 4-time champions, but none that are 4 times in a row.  What an amazing feet!!  Jimmie and his crew chief, Chad, just know how to go out there and get it done.  Even when things aren’t going good, they find a way to improve on it.  I don’t know if they can make it 5 in a row next year, but I wouldn’t count them out for widening that record!!

Also around NASCAR, Miss K’s driver, Jeff Gordon, placed 3rd in the championship race.  Not a bad finish at all to his year.  He was holding off Kurt Busch from breaking up the Hendrick-3.  Yes, Hendrick teams took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the championship race.  That’s a precident too!!  My JR was the only Hendrick car not in it.  I say he’s got a good chance next year though.  He’s so far improved this year with his new crew chief.

Cry baby Montoya took himself and Tony Stewart out of the race.  That dude is crazy!!  I don’t think black flagging him for 2 laps was enough.  There’s nothing wrong with some bumping….definitely nothing wrong with some rubbing….but you don’t take another one out.  They each bumped the other one time and it should have been left at that, but when Montoya came back on the track, he was right back after Stewart.  Such is racing!!

Congrats Jimmie on 4 in a row!!

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