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Posted by on 16 November 2009

Volunteering really seems to be making me tired lately.  I still love it….it’s not that at all.  Last week Miss K and I were there alone because the lady in the back with us had surgery.  She’ll be out for at least 4 weeks.  That left us to take care of mounds of clothes on the tables to get marked in.  We also had to take care of ALL the new merchandise coming in.  When there’s a couple of you back there, that’s not so bad.  Alone….it was WORK!!

This week, there was 2 additional ladies that came in.  They were there because the lady that works with us is still out and the one of the local churches had their sale over the weekend.  After that, anything that’s left comes to our Thrift Store, so they knew we’d been busy.  The second lady that works with us actually showed up as well….30 minutes late.  The previous 2 weeks, she didn’t show and the week before those, she was an hour late.  She says that she doesn’t remember she needs to be there since it’s Monday.  Funny how the rest of us remember!!

Anyway, it was crazy busy with the merchandise coming in.  We put out tons of Christmas stuff.  The coats go as quick as we get them in.  There’s still mounds of clothes piled on the table.  Half of it needs prices and the other half needs tags so it can be priced. 

A volunteer from Friday’s was kind enough to drop off a bunch of stuff while kiddo and I were alone last week.  She said she didn’t want to worry about it while she was there.  I’m going to be kind enough to repeat the favor!!  I have a trunk full of stuff to drop off and it’s just going to wait until a day that I’m NOT there!!

I love it though and it’s a busy time.  The 2 hours just fly by!!  When there’s several working like today, it makes for an extra busy and noisy place.  Kiddo loved all the action.  It was interesting!!

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