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Posted by on 7 November 2009

Today we had our final workshop out of town for our religion class.  I’ve now completed my entire Level 2 training.  Lean Green is done with the workshops, but still has to take all of the classes.  The workshops are always out of town, but the classes are in town.

We had plans to look at new cars while we were out of town.  The dealers here suck!!  We were going to look in town where the workshop was held, but decided to go another 30 minutes up the road where they have a great reputation.  That was probably our first mistake!!

We went to look at a Chevy Cobalt.  They’re great little cars and have super milage.  It’d be perfect for hubby getting back and forth to work.  So, we test drove one, but I wasn’t really happy with it.  It was just a plain model.  With any options, it was pretty expensive.  We decided to walk and look.  Next mistake!!

It didn’t take long to realize that a nice Malibu cost the same thing as a loaded Cobalt.  The milage is close to the same thing.  Difference is, the Malibu is a whole lot more car.  The finance guy told our salesman to let us test drive it and he’d work up paperwork on the Malibu and see if he could get it as close to our budget as the Cobalt was.  When we got back, he practically came running out the door.  I knew something was up.

He told me that he got us approved for 3.9% interest on the financing and had the payments slightly above what our goal was.  Oh, and the 3.9% was through GMAC, not a bank.  Need-less-to-say, I was stoked!!  I’ve been working hard on our bills and trying to fix our credit.  I knew something was getting better when I got a notice from one of the credit cards that they’d increased our credit limit by $1,000.  That’s just not happening to people much right now.  We knew we’d never use it, but it’s nice to know that it’s there and that’d I’d gotten us back in that condition to be offered it!!

So anyway, I tell the finance guy that we need to talk, so he says “sure” and grabs the salesman and they go back inside.  I called my dad, of course, and he thinks we’re onto a great deal.  Hubby and I discuss it further and it’s pretty much up to me.  I pay all the bills and know what we can and can’t handle.  I ask him if he likes the car….he says “no, I love it”!!  Well that pretty much makes up my mind, so I tell him it’s time to go in and get ourselves in debt again!!

We’re now proudly in debt and the owners of a silver 2010 Chevrolet Malibu!!


It’s an awesome car and it’s already so fun!!  I can’t wait to play with it more and learn some of the features to it.  I do know that it has something like 457 computer chips (computer run areas) in the car.  That’s alot!!  HAHA  She’s a beauty and we’re so glad that we did this.  We have so much to be thanful for and especially all that God has provided for us to be able to do this.


(Foriegn cars, especially Japanese,  suck!!)

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  1. Annette Piper

    Congratulations on your spiffy new car! Car shopping is always so stressful.

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