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Prayers for Ft. Hood

Posted by on 5 November 2009

We were on our way on post to pick The Man up from work when we heard on the news that there’d been a shooting at Ft. Hood, TX.  The first reports sounded horrible.  Then, as we waited, more reports came it and it was even worse than expected.


All our thoughts and prayers to out to the families on Ft. Hood.  I just can’t imagine what would make someone do something like this.  It’s so shocking.  We know people there and will be waiting patiently not so patiently to find out if they’re alright.  We know for sure that it’s possible that one of them was being processed.

Thank goodness for the heroes that took down the bad guy and probably saved many lives.  Please pray for these soldiers and their families.  Even if you don’t believe in what we do, at least believe in the men and women that serve and go through ordeals like this that are even more senseless than war.

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