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Catching Up

Posted by on 4 November 2009

I just want to let everyone know that I’m trying really hard to catch up with all my blog posts.  As well as doing that, I’m going to be getting caught up on comments and checking out everyone’s blogs.  As you can tell by looking at my calendar, I haven’t even been blogging much myself, much less reading up on everyone else. 

Things have been fairly busy for us and life seems to keep stepping in.  Other than that, I just don’t have the same love for blogging that I did for awhile.  It all started around the time that someone decided that they could judge me and report me for the Disney games.  I knew when I started the blog that it was open and anyone could read, comment, and let themselvse in.  I just didn’t think that something like a little FREE game for kids could turn someone into a JERK!! 

Anyway, that just sort of took the wind out of my sails.  I didn’t find enjoyment in doing something that I once did for myself.  While doing it for myself, I felt I was helping others.  Now, I just seem to play catch-up in the blog world.

For those that have left comments, tried my recipes and so on…..I deeply appreciate it.  I’ve read all the comments, but I haven’t gotten back around to replying.  I had plans to do so this coming weekend, but it’s turned into a very busy weekend for us.  Hubby and I will be attending our final workshop for teaching religion class.  Once the workshop is done, I’ll have completed my complete Level 2 training.  Hubby still has to take the classes, but his workshops will be done.  YAY!!

Then we have a busy Sunday, but that’s always a good thing.  Well, for the most part!!  HAHA

Please continue to read, leave comments and I promise that I’ll be getting back around to my blog routine.  It’ s just taking more time than I expected.  I appreciate you all!!

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