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Saints and Talladega

Posted by on 1 November 2009

So you might be asking what Saints and Talladega have in common.  Well, some of you might even be asking what Talladega is.  HAHA

First of all, today is a day that they both share in common this year.  Today is the race at Talladega Super Speedway and it’s also All Saint’s Day.


For Catholics, today is  day that we celebrate all the saints in Heaven.  We remember that we want to live as those saints did, not just today but every day.  In a way, it’s our own celebration of the “good” after Halloween.  There’s more to it than that, but it’s a very general explanation. 

For today, it’s also proof that God and those saints watch over NASCAR drivers. 


There is usually always one huge wreck at Talladega, know as “the big one”.  For this wreck, it usually takes a out a large number of the field because the cars are too damaged to get back on the track.  These wrecks are a HUGE excitement factor to the race.  Nobody ever wants to see a wreck, but you just can’t stop the thrill that it adds.  So this year, there really was no “big one”, but there was not one, but 2 major wrecks. 

The first involved Ryan Newman being flipped and landing on his roof.  Not just landing, but sliding on the roof.  He came out totally unharmed and safe.  Mark one up to God and NASCAR safety features.  The race resumes with  3 laps to go….known as “green, white, checkered”…..and there’s another wreck.  But not just a wreck, another flip.  This one was Mark Martin flying through the air.  He walked away.  Mark another one up to God and NASCAR safety.


Ryan Newman flips and lands on the roof



Mark Martin is upside down

Yep, God was looking after those NASCAR boys!!  It also says alot about NASCAR safety features.  I just wish they’d let them get out there and race.  Single file around and around is ssoooo boring.  It’s too bad that it takes “the big one” to make it interesting!!

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