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Posted by on 23 October 2009

I’m so proud!!  Miss K is now certified by the Red Cross in CPR and First Aid.  This is a class that I set-up for the homeschool group.  I was really happy to do it, although it had it’s trials during the process.  It all worked out great and there’s a great group of kids that can now save a person’s life.

Can anyone say that you can have a class like that in public, or even private school??  I don’t think so!!

She’s got her certification cards and she’s supposed to carry them with her.  I plan on laminating them to help them last longer and withstand life in her purse!!  To my knowledge, everyone in her class passed both parts of the test.  There’s also a class next week and I’m hoping that they do as well.  I’m so glad they had this class because at one time, I was certified as well.  Things sure have changed though!!

I thought the class was CPR only, but it turns out that it included first aid too.  So that means that she’s certified in adult, child, and infant CPR.  Since the class included first aid, she’s certified in that too.  They’re 2 separate cards.  CPR has to be renewed in a year and first aid is good for 3 years.   

You go Miss K….I’m so proud of you!!


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  2. Debbie

    Hurray Miss K! Congratulations!

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