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Where Have I Been??

Posted by on 17 October 2009

So some of you might be asking where is that Elaine at!?!?  Well, I’ve been here and actually writing my blog posts, but I haven’t published them.  I would be tired and not submit it.  I’d write it and think that I had to remember to add something and then not get back to it.  I have a few sitting in my “draft” folder.  It’s just a matter of publishing them!!

I’ve also been at work on a new Y!Group.  As most of you know, I create Christian and educational file folder games.  I also make other educational items and a few other things for Bible/religious activites.  Well, I decided to start a new Y!Group, Printable Place of Themes, so that I could expand the educational part of what I do.  The new group shares all sorts of educational printables like worksheets, games, cards, and anything else printable that’s used in a classroom.  The way it works is that there’s weekly themes and monthly themes.  Monthly themes are things like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fire Prevention, and so on.  All subjects that most educational places study.  Weekly themes include things that happened in hisorty during that week, special event, alphabet and other such things.  It’s off to a great start, but it’s keeping me busy.  I still have to participate in my other groups and I’m working hard trying to find ideas for a new Christian game.  Yes, I’m still having a block!!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in for your homeschool, day care, school, kids, grandkids or wherever educational printables are needed and used, please come join me!!

Printable Place of Themes 

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