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8 Minus Jon and Kate

Posted by on 17 October 2009

I can’t even begin to tell you how tired I am of hearing about Jon and Kate.  These people aren’t parents….they’re glory hounds.  The whole time they’re fighting and making their tv appearances, who’s watching the kids??  It sure isn’t them!!

Jon has been made the villian right from the start and that’s just totally bogus.  If anyone ever watched the show and saw how she treated him, they’d know differently.  Unfortunately, now he’s starting to make alot of mistakes which in turn is making him look like the bad guy.  He needed to just stick to getting away from her and away from the the lies and their show.  He should have focused more on the kids than on himself.  The taste of freedom however has been too much for him and now he’s playing right into her hand.

Kate is a selfish greedy woman.  She’s talked down to him so many times.  She’s made statements how everyone wants to be like her and have her hair.  She’s left the kids at home time and again to go  “tour”.  Who quit their job to be with the kids and keep the house going??  JON!!  The money and prestige was too much for Kate to turn down.  She’s ever cared about the kids the way she should.  Most of the care she gave them was for all the freebies that came with it.  Does she love them??  I’m sure she does.  But if she was such a great person, she wouldn’t take her sons on a trip and tell them how bad their dad is.  She wouldn’t tell the girls that daddy doesn’t want to be with them any more.  And it’s all caught on film!!  Yet, Jon is the bad guy.  Go figure!!  You know she had SOMETHING with that body guard.  What, only they and God know.  It’ll all come out eventually. 

The media has just jumped all over this and splattered it all over the headlines.  Tabloids are having a field day with it.  Many of the tv shows are all for the poor defenseless Kate.  “The View” had her guest host and is standing by her.  Nancy Grace was the worst.  She refused to listen to anything that Jon said and she was just downright rude.  She’s looking at it from the woman’s view instead of the unbiased journalist.  It was sickening!!  Now throw in the fact that TLC wants to sue Jon.  They say it’s because he broke their contract.  Truth be told, it’s probably because he shut down the show and without the drama from that show, they have nothing!!

Did Jon have a right to the money that’s supposedly missing??  Did he even “steal” it or drain the account??  How much of it was his and is he providing for the kids??  Does he have a right to shut down the show to “protect his kids”??  All these questions and more still need to be answered.  There’s 3 sides to every story, especially in divorce.  His….Hers….and the TRUTH!!

If you care….stay tuned because I’m sure we’re going to know all the nasty details bit by bit.  If you don’t care, throw away your papers and keep your tv and radio off.  This isn’t going to end anytime soon and the nastier it gets, the worse it’s going to get.

Oh, and pray for the kids!!

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  1. Debbie

    Know what? I never watched a single episode of this. LOL

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