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Photography Contest 1: Reflections

Posted by on 15 October 2009

As many of you know, Miss K has been taking photography.  She’s been really excited about it and is doing really well.  I’m happy with her work and proud of what she’s doing.  One of her photos gave the teacher and idea, so she decided to have a photography contest on that subject.  The subject is “reflections”.  Here is the e-mail announcing it and where you can go to vote…..


I am teaching a home school photography class for local home school families. These photos were taken by my students for a contest. The subject assigned is “reflections” . WOuld you please look at the photos (only 3 students participated, so it will be easy) and e-mail me as to which you think best. The photo should fit the subject, be properly exposed and well composed.

To see the pictures go here:

And enter reflections in the field.

Only one vote per e-mail address will be counted. Voting will close at midnight Saturday night so I have time to tally the votes. And – this was sent to both the home school group and LOTS and LOTS of photographer friends and clients.

Thanks so much,

No, I’m not going to tell you which photo belongs to Miss K.  That’s just something that I’ve never agreed with or understood.  She has to win on her own merits.  Please go check out the photos because the 3 (in a class of 7) that did submit are all really good!!


UPDATE:  The contest has ended and the winner has been decided.  The winner was the collage of pictures which the assistant teacher/student submitted.  Miss K and the other girl tied for 2nd!!  I’m so proud of her, especially knowing that she did it on her own.  She found her object, edited it and had it submitted on time.  Great job, Miss K!!

By the way, her’s is the reflection of the horses from the mirrored shelf.

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