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Columbus Day

Posted by on 12 October 2009


Today is Columbus Day and a day off for The Man.  YAY!!  We plan on spending the day with some Army friends.  No matter the weather, we’re having a cookout….that just might have to take place inside!!  On the menu on my end is cheeseburgers (giant ones), macaroni salad, veggie tray, baked beans, and bacon for the burgers.  Our guests are supposed to bring dessert!!

So I’ve been reading about Columbus lately.  So-called “new stories” about him.  Seems there’s controversy surrounding him.  Of course there is….he’s dead and it’s another thing they won’t have to teach our kids about.  I found out that not every state celebrates Columbus Day because of this “controversy”.  Of course not, but we’ll study just about any other crooked idiot that made a name or how to be gay.  Can you tell this irritates me??  It just amazes me that they find a way to keep God out of school.  They find a way to get out of teaching our kids about how this country was founded.  Was Columbus a bad guy??  Was he the first to “discover” America??  Maybe….maybe not.  I’m sure he’s not any different from any politician in Washington DC right now. 

A day that kids could be out of school and enjoying the day with their parents….as a family….they decide to no longer recognize.  I know the kids had school here today.  However, they’ll be off Wednesday for parent/teacher conferences.  Then they’re off Thursday and Friday for “fall break”.  What is fall break anyway??  I know I didn’t have a fall break and I didn’t seem to miss it.  Oh but they can’t have today off school when they’re parents are off.  Go figure!!

So go sail your ocean blue, just remember that it’s not 1492 and enjoy the day!!  I know that I will!!

2 Responses to Columbus Day

  1. deborah

    If it’s any consolation – this world is going to be done away with rather sooner than later. We are so in the end times.

  2. Rosemary

    I have missed reading your blog and getting a fresh breath of air and attitude! You are so right on with this entry.

    At least Columbus did something – more than politicians can say! We are denying our own history and heritage, how sad for us.

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