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In the Crockpot: Beefy Noodle and Veggie Soup

Posted by on 7 October 2009

The past few days have been rather gloomy and the temperature has cooled off.  I thought I’d make something tonight to warm us from the inside….out!!  In the crockpot today was Beefy Noodle and Veggie Soup.  It was so awesome!!  This was a recipe that I made up as things went in the crockpot!!


Beefy Noodle and Veggie Soup

1 – 2 lbs. beef stew meat (or any beef roast cut into cubes)      4 cups water

2 packets Lipton French Onion Soup      1/2 cup chopped celery      1/2 cup baby carrots

salt, pepper, parsley and roast beef seasoning to taste

1 bag egg noodles, cooked el dante

Put stew meat, celery, baby carrots, 2 soup packets, seasoning and 4 cups of water in crockpot.  Cook on low for about 4 hours.  Cook egg noodles and add to crockpot 1 hour before serving.  Continue cooking for 1 hour on low.    Serve with hot rolls or crackers.  The juice is delicious for dipping!!

5 Responses to In the Crockpot: Beefy Noodle and Veggie Soup

  1. Cynthia

    It has been gloomy here too. The weather is cooling off a bit. 🙂 This looks good! All I need are the noodles. Simple too…yes, I think it will work.

    Don’t you just love when those ‘add as you go’ recipes work out?


  2. Cynthia

    Hi Elaine,
    It is me again! Wanted to tell you that we enjoyed this recipe last night. I see that the trackback from my website beat me here. LOL!

    The real test was on my husband. He is a *little* picky, but he really liked this.

    When he asked what was for dinner, I told him vegetable soup. He said, What!

    Then I added Beef and Vegetable Soup. He said, Oh, okay!

    Gotta add that beef. Yip, he is a beef and potatoes kind of guy!

    Thanks again for the yummy recipe. The kids and I enjoyed it also. I am adding it to my recipe box.

    • Elaine

      Cynthia, I’m so glad that you enjoyed this recipe and will be able to use it. It’s awesome when those “picky” hubby’s are satisfied!!

  3. Rosemary

    Oh yum, that sounds so perfect on a cold dreary day! Or actually any day it sounds so delicious!

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