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Posted by on 2 October 2009

I’m going to have my first post of October be about David Letterman.  I know, that probably seems like an odd topic.

For months on end, that man has been putting down and insulting Sarah Palin.  He’s said horrible things about her and her family.  Then come to find out, the man idiot proves that he’s a slug.  He sits there in his seat on stage and forms all sorts of opinions on other people.  He makes them the brunt of his jokes.

Low and behold, Letterman is the true joke.  He’s not only a cheater….an adulterer….but he got caught at it.  He got caught so badly that he’s been taken for money.  At least the tried to.  That’s hilarious!!  He’s such a lousy person that he had someone trying to extort money from him because he can’t even lead the clean life that he criticizes others about.

Now the idiot that thinks that he has a right to make fun of others is being laughed at.  Only now, he doesn’t think it’s so funny.  He tried to even play the pity card.  Of all the nerve!!  He hangs his head and tries to act ashamed when we all know he’s not.  It’s the type of person he is.  Sadly, there was a time when the man was actually a little funny and had a good late night program.  The justice is, the joke is now on him!!

Who’s laughing now Letterman!?!?  HAHAHAHA

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