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No More Pain

Posted by on 14 September 2009

Tonight, after watching some tv as a family and doing a few chores, I came into the computer room to check my e-mail.  The first news item that I saw as I logged in was the headline “Patrick Swayze Dies at Age 57”.  How sad and what a loss.


The way I wanted to remember him was with a smile. To me, he had an infectious smile. One that could make you believe again and give you hope. One that told you that he was truly happy. That’s something that’s hard to find around Hollywood.

He put up such a battle with cancer, but in the end, still lost.  One has to believe that he’s now at peace.  That there is no more pain.  I can’t even imagine what the last days might have been like.  As I searched for a picture displaying his smile, it was sad to see what he’d become.  He was skin and bones and barely looked like himself.  That’s not a picture that I can post.  However, I can post a later picture of him and his wife, Lisa Niemi.  They were a couple that was in love and didn’t fall into the Hollywood trap. 


Rest in forever peace, Patrick.  You’ll be missed.  I’ll see you in the movies!!

2 Responses to No More Pain

  1. Kathy

    I agree – I was so sad to hear of his fight with cancer and I kept an eye on the headlines, often, to see how he was doing. I am so sorry that the world has lost such an amazing talent. I have always loved him in Dirty Dancing and Ghost.

  2. Cascia @ Healthy Moms

    He was a wonderful actor but he was also very sick for a long time.

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