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Posted by on 13 September 2009

I haven’t really listened to much country music for the past couple years.  I’m totally sick of the “dumb blondes” in the business.  The men of country can still sing, but the women are idiots!!  Of course, that’s my opinion.  If they sang as good as they THINK they look we’d have it made.  There’s still some good gals in country, but they’re few and far between.  Most of them are busy at home raising their families.

Most of the women in country make great hookers!!  They show more than they have, but I guess that’s what keeps them popular, especially with the men.  Carrie Underwood had something good going after she won and started making her first album.  Now, she’s more worried about who she’s sleeping with than good songs.  For many of the women, they try to hard to cross over.  If I want to listen to rock, that’s what I ‘ll listen to…..when I want country, that’s what I want!!

I’m definitely not a Taylor Swift fan!!  LeAnn Rimes sang as a young girl too, but she had class and talent.  However, she’s another one that’s lost her mind.  What is she thinking??  Anyway, I stray off point.  I’m not a fan of hers although she has a couple catchy tunes.  I think what Kayne West did to her tonight at the VMA awards is tacky and tasteless.  He had no right coming out there and yelling out some crap about Beyonce had a better video.  That’s just low.  He’d probably go off and beat the crap out of someone if they pulled that crap on him.  He deserved worse booes than he got.  He should have been escorted OUT!!  In the end, Beyonce was classy and asked Taylor to come back out and have her moment.  I think that was an awesome gesture on her part and I give her alot of credit for that.

Ah, to go back to the music we grew up with all over again.  Then it was our parents worrying about rock-n-roll with the sex and drugs.  Country was all about broken hearts.  Now, we got hip hop that’s all about killing people and beating women.  That’s not really what I call music.  Half of it you can’t even understand.  I know it goes THUMP!!  Hip Hop and Rap just take music another direction…..a direction that it shouldn’t go.  Rock is no longer rock.  Thank goodness for cd’s!!

Am I just getting old??  I have so little tolerance for the stuff any more!!

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