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Posted by on 12 September 2009


Yes, after a long hot summer, rain has finally come to OK!!  The temperature is perfect and the rain is falling.  It’s not storming….NO thunder….NO lightening.  It’s just an all-day rain.  We so desperately need this and God has answered the farmer’s prayers.  It’s so glorious!!

Of course, there’s a complaint that goes with it.  They’re calling for this rain most of the week.  Now I don’t like that.  I gotta have a little sunshine in my life.  I don’t need any cabin fever because before I know it, winter will be here.

So please God, a few rays of sunshine between all these raindrops!!

One Response to Rain

  1. Angelita

    I also wish that, wet seasons sometimes brings cough, running nose and fever, especially to our children. I believe, God made the raining, but soon He will also make the sunshine.

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