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Christian Name Plates

Posted by on 8 September 2009

Our DRE suggested this year that we make name plates for our religious education students.  She feels it’s a good idea for each student to know where they’re sitting and to feel welcomed as they enter class.

Personally, my students have always had a coloring sheet with their name on it at their spot at the table.  It’s not cute and personal, but it’s theirs.  They sit in the same seat each week.  These coloring pages are how we start class each week.  Having the little ones, it takes them awhile to get settled, so we do a coloring page for each letter of the alphabet….and it’s religious, of course.  The kids really count on this.  If I don’t have them there, they look and act lost.  It doesn’t take them long to get used to a routine!!

This year we’ll still be doing our coloring page and it’ll be at the kids seat with their name on it as usual.  However, I don’t know if any of the other catechists (teachers) will follow the DRE’s lead, but I did.  I made tent name plates for each student to put at their place at the table.  They turned out great!!  I must have tent name plates because I teach in building that’s a school by day.  We don’t have our own space, so I can’t use the ones that you can just tape down and keep there.  I like the tent ones also because it gives me the option of being able to move them without having to rip tape and the name plate up.

I decided that I wanted to share the ones that I made for my class.  They have a beautiful image of Jesus with children and say “Jesus loves all the children and Jesus loves….”.  There’s then a blank space to add the student’s name.  I liked these so much that I thought I might make some for different holidays and church seasons.  I haven’t gotten that far yet, but I did create another tent name plate, along with 3 flat name plates.  There’s 2 versions of each of the flat name plates.  One has lines so you or the student can write their name on it and the other is an editable PDF format so that you can type the names in.  Both tent name plates are also in this editable PDF format.  These name plates can be downloaded and printed out.  Oh, and the blank ones, you don’t have to add text to.  If you just want to print them out and write the name yourself or have the student do it, you can do that too!!

I hope that you all can use these to mark the place for each student.  Enjoy them!!


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UPDATE:  If you’ve previously downloaded these name plates, you’ll have to redownload them.  There was an issue getting the names to print.  This is ONLY for the EDITABLE (blank) name plates.  I’ve put an updated blog entry on 16 September 2009, so please view that if you have any questions or are unsure of anything concerning the name plates.

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