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The Magic Number

Posted by on 2 September 2009

Tonight was our final Religious Education meeting.  We got numbers and lists of our students names.  This year, so far, the magic number is….


Three of them are returning from last year and the rest have moved on to the next grade.  I’ll also have siblings together in class again.  It’s always a must to keep them seperated!!  I’d like to have more kids in class, but I think this will be a decent sized class.  Since class starts next week, we’ll still have more enroll ont that day.  They also enroll for a couple weeks after.  Always have to be prepared for that last minute student!!

I’m looking forward to this year.  I think we’re going to do great things.  I’m really excited about hubby in class.  He’ll be able to do all the tasks that an assistant SHOULD do.  He’ll be in charge of folders, homeowork, and attendance.  Of course, there’s always the cutting and pasting and other tasks that come with projects.  I’ll be totally free to focus on the kids and the lesson!!  Oh yes, I can’t forget that Miss K is my storyteller.  A job that she loves!!

So there you have it!!  Ready to start my 4th year as a catechist.  I can’t believe it’s been that long already.  And I still love it!!

3 Responses to The Magic Number

  1. Debbie

    Ccarazy!! Didn’t you have like a dozen last year? Now only 6. Think I’d prefer 6. LOL

    I am going ballistic here. We aren’t using curriculum this fall at least. Well, I’m not. So I’m racking my brain for what I want to accomplish this year. Lord help me…please!

    • Elaine

      Debbie, I had 15 most of last year. I ended up with 14 to finish the year off. I really loved that big class and will miss them. The small class is good though too. I’m anxious to get started!!

      I don’t use curriculum. I love my lessons better that way than following some stupid book. Trust me, God will guide you and the kids will learn and enjoy!!

  2. Amazing_Grace

    Congregation numbers are really low at our church. I heard that only 12 students have signed up for CCD so far this year!!!! :0

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