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Shared Sentiments

Posted by on 27 August 2009

I have nothing more to say than to watch this clip from a town hall meeting.  This Marine echoes my thoughts pretty much on point. 

I’m tired of being called a terrorist or one of the many other dirty names that the Democrats have for us Americans that stand up for what we believe in.  I’m sick that we served this country for 20 years and they don’t care about us….or anyone else.  Nancy Pelosi, Obama,  and the other Dems like her (including some Republicans) are the Nazi’s and socialists….not the good loyal Americans who want to do what’s best for them and their families.  We’re NOT the ones getting rich and writing personal favors and perks into bills….THEY ARE!!  Call me what you will, but until you put me in the ground, I WILL speak for what I believe in.  It’s time we remind Washington D.C. that they work for US!! 

One Response to Shared Sentiments

  1. Debbie

    “and like you, I did swear an oath to defend my constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

    I would have bolded “constitution” and “domestic” but didn’t know how. I wonder how many people understand that the military take the oath to protect the constitution. I wonder if our illustrious administration understands that. Somehow, I think they believe the military is at their beck and call. I was on a wonderful site awhile back and i wish I could remember what it was. It was a site that had testimonials and oaths to protect the constitution from former and current military and domestic protection (police, firefighters etc). Very uplifting. Personally, at this point in time, I would consider our current administration and politicians as domestic terrorists. And I do not consider Barack Obama as my President. I guess I’m just one of those right wing extremists now! LOL

    As to this video, I’ve seen several just like it. Isn’t it a shame that nobody’s listening. They just keep trying to take away our freedoms. Funny how some of the Democrats are now taking a step back….but only because they’re trying to save their careers with the election coming up. Just hope people remember how they voted on everything before this.

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