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Dog Nails

Posted by on 23 August 2009

I had the most horrid experience tonight.  I was clipping my baby dog’s toe nails and she jerked.  It happened at the exact same time I clipped.  It took too much off and she began to bleed and bleed.  I wrapped it in gauze, but it didn’t take long for her to get it off.  I know how dangerous it is for a dog’s nails to be too short.  So, I headed to the internet for answers.

I found out that making a paste of flour and water, then applying it to the nail will stop the bleeding.  I put the paste on there and watched it for a bit and no blood seeped through the paste.  I decided that it was time to wrap it again, so hubby held her while I put gauze back on the bottom of  her foot and taped it up.  She seemed very content and at peace.  Some of the other recommended kitchen items were baking soda or corn starch. 

I wasn’t going to stop until I found the answer to stop the bleeding.  It scared the crap out of me!!  My poor baby has already been through so much.  At one time, she wouldn’t even let me touch her nails.  They’d get so long, she could barely walk.  I’d have the vet cut them, but she’d cry and yelp so loud, you’d think someone was killing her.  Then all of a sudden one day, it was like she realized how good short nails felt, so she let me cut them without too much pulling away or crying.  She’d be full of spit and vinegar when I was done and run around like she felt like a new puppy!!  This time, she lost patience and pulled away.  It hurt me as much as it hurt her.  My worst fear is that she won’t trust me again and I might have to start from scratch trying to clip her nails.

No matter what, the most important thing to me is that it appears that the bleeding has stopped.  The only thing I couldn’t find was how long to leave it wrapped.  I think if she leaves it alone, I’ll leave it on at least a couple days and give it a chance to heal.  Even after that, I’m going to put antibacterial ointment on it after she goes outside.  Thankfully, she’s doesn’t like it outside unless it’s totally necessary!!

So my readers, if you should ever have a dog toe nail clipping accident, remember the flour and water paste!!

4 Responses to Dog Nails

  1. Elaine- totallylikeme

    awww the poor baby!! i live in fear of doing that to my dog, so i know how you feel, we love them so much, it breaks our hearts to see them hurting 🙁 i’m sorry but it was probably more traumatizing for you than your baby dog… good to see you comment tonight 🙂

  2. Amazing_Grace

    OH, my gosh! I’m so sorry and I hope your dog is feeling much better. ((hugs))

    Friday, hubby got dizzy again and almost passed out and we were at a restaurant. We had to leave and rush to his doctor before our food came.

    Boogie (our cat) was missing for 28 hours (since 10 am Friday and we had thunderstorms that afternoon and night) and finally we found him at 2 pm Saturday. Animal Control picked him up Friday at noon and took him to the Tri County Animal Shelter (which is an hour drive one way). We didn’t notice that he was missing until 10 pm when we went to bed. We beat the bushes all over the neighborhood until 11:30 and on Saturday morning. I called Animal Control (closed Saturday) and left a message about Boogie. I then posted flyers all over the neighborhood and asked anyone that I could if they saw Boogie. Later Animal Control called and told us that they picked up Boogie and took him to the Animal Shelter. Boogie’s bail was paid ($33) and he was glad to be home. Needless to say I’m exhausted.

  3. Debbie

    I never knew this! We had a dog but never clipped his nails. He was a pacer and groomed them pretty darn well himself. So it was ok for us to wait to go to the vet and have it done. He was also an escape artist, so when he was caught and brought to the shelter, I think they cleaned him up. LOL I remember picking him up one time and they had sedated him because I guess he was barking to much. I was PO’d! Funny part was, he was barking all the way out. Give ’em heck, Rusty! LOL Sadly, he is gone now. Now you’ve brought up memories. I’ll have to blog about him sometime.

  4. Sherri

    I so wish that I were brave enough to clip my dog’s nails myself, but I chicken out and take her to the groomers!!!

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