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Posted by on 12 August 2009

I know, this is probably the most boring blog that you read right now.  There’s just not much going on.  I’m taking care of some final preparations for homeschool to begin.  Hubby is busy working on the car every night.  While he’s in the garage, I try to create games or watch Summer Under the Stars on TCM. 

I really am here though and I’ve checked on comments and such.  My name-sake in Canada has been checking in….I just haven’t checked on her new/moved photo blog though.  I talked to kiddo in the computer tonight and got to see her on web cam.  She’ll be home on Friday!!  WooHoo  I’ve cleaned out her drawers and closet.  All ready for clean laundry to put away when she gets home.  Nope, that’s not my chore any more!!

Next week….actually next 2 weeks….are full of appointments and activities.  Miss K starts Red Cross classes on Tuesday and I’ll be setting up CPR classes for the local homeschool group.  There’s always volunteering at the Thrift Store and religious education is about to start.  We have meetings and registration coming up for that. 

So there you have it.  My life in a nutshell right now!!  I’ll be getting caught up on everyone’s blogs and commenting as usual soon.  I appreciate everyone that’s still reading me through this down time.  Hang on because life’s about to be in FULL swing again!!

Oh what a ride….

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