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Dollar Deals

Posted by on 9 August 2009

I’ve recently found some dollar deals and I want to share them with you.  Especially those of you that teach a religious education class.  Some of them will benefit other teachers and homeschool parents as well.  I find that now more than ever, it’s important to find a good deal and stretch the dollar as far as it’ll go.  If we can find a good deal and still give the kids a great education, I say “GO FOR IT”!!

By now, all my readers know that I make file folder games.  Sometimes I don’t include the die/dice or spinner.  Upon shopping at our local Dollar Tree, I found a pack of 4 educational spinners for just $1.  They are numbered from 1 to 8.  They have the colors of red, yellow, green, orange, blue, and purple.  So, they could be used for a variety of ways and with 4 to a pack at that price, you could be enough to put with each game that you don’t have a spinner for!!

I’ve also purchased some easy reading books.  I bought a series called “First Steps” and it includes faith, prayer, and the Bible.  I’m not sure if there’s more titles, but this is what my store had in stock.  There’s also a nice series of 4 parable books.  They’re from The Clever Factory, Inc. and include The Lost Son, The Parable of the Talents, The Good Samaritan, and The Sower and the Seeds.

They had rewards stickers with a Christian theme.  They’re marked “church supplies reward stickers”.  396 of them for $1!!  Along with that was a coloring and activity book called “More Bible Games and Puzzles” from Upper Room Kids.

My final find was a series of 4 cd story books.  They’re a book with the cd inserted in the book, so you could read aloud or play the cd and show the pictures in the book.  They have a nice handle too!!  The titles include The Birth of Jesus, Jonah & the Whale, Story of Moses, and Noah’s Ark.  Again, all for only $1 each!! 

They had tons of other teacher supplies, but I didn’t need any of it.  I’m still pretty well stocked.  These all came from Dollar Tree, but other dollar stores have similar items.  You can also find great deals at Family Dollar, Dollar General, and other such stores.  I’d highly recommend before heading to the expensive book store or office supply store, to stop by your local dollar store to see what they have!!  You just might be surprised!!

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