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Posted by on 29 July 2009

Well, as promised, I have a couple themes to share with all of you.  I’ve created several items for a Beach/Ocean theme, Dirt Bikes, and Renaissance (which includes pirate, medieval, prince, and princess).  These were all items that were requested, so I made a few things to helps out.

Now I could just give you the link, but that wouldn’t be me!!  HAHA  Of course, I have to tell you about them and your choices.  And, I must remind you as always, be sure to download all the pages or you might end up with part of a game or won’t be able to use the materials the way they’re meant to be used.

First up is the Dirt Bike theme.  In there, you’ll find stationery, stickers and a bookmark with envelope.  The Beach / Ocean theme has several items.  They include a “Deep Sea” shape match ffg, 2 types of jigsaw puzzles, and sudoku.  There’s also a color match game that can be used as a ffg or cards.  The last theme is Renaissance, which includes pirates, medieval, prince and princess.  There’s items like tic-tac-toe boards that can be used over and over if you laminate and use dry erase marker.  There also copy & color activities and bookmarks with envelopes.  You can even find a matching worksheet and stationery for this theme.

If you have a theme that you’d like to see me creat materials for, please let me know.  Also, let me know if you’d like to see any certain type of item added to any of these themes.  As always, I enjoy your comments on what you think of my creations.  Enjoy!!

EDIT:  I forgot to note that I plan on adding to the beach/ocean theme.  I’ll probably add a bookmark & envy, as well as some stationery and other items.  If you’re interested in that theme, please check back later (a day or two) for new items to be added.


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