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Tween Girls

Posted by on 25 July 2009

One day last week, Miss K invited her friend Sam over.  It seems like it was forever since we’d seen her, so I was looking forward to it too.  The girls are so good together.  They’ve been friends since Kindergarten.  Despite our changing schools and methods, the friendship has remained in tact.  When Sam left last week, I told her she could come over this week too.  She was all excited and her mom is all for it.  When she calls Thursday night to confirm coming over Friday, I pop a big one on her.  I ask if she wants to SLEEPOVER!!  The reaction was priceless!!

All day Friday, the girls played.  There was nothing you could do to stop them except to tell them that there was food to eat.  We fixed Sam our famous chili dogs and she was in Heaven.  Literally!!  After, the girls baked brownies for their dessert.  The playing continued late into the night.  They were just so fun to watch and they never seem to fight or argue.  They played restaurant, realtor, doctor, and more.  I finally called it a night at 1:30am!!

Today is another day!!  Sam’s mom called to see if we were ready to have her picked up and I said the girls were playing and I was fine if she was here longer, so she said to just call her.  The girls played with baby dolls and Barbie’s late into the afternoon.  I finally told Sam it was time to call her mom and let her know what time she needed to be picked up.  Much to my surprise, we had her into early evening!!  These girls were at it until about 6pm when Sam’s mom got here. 

I can’t even describe the scene and sounds around my house.  These kids come up with the darnedest things.  And they talk like they’re adults!!  Both girls are smart and they talk about school and what’s going to happen in the next year.  They both talk about their futures.  I surely don’t remember being 11 and having my whole future planned!!  They’re only a couple weeks apart in age and so similar, yet so different.  I suppose the only thing really missing for K was her other friend and we haven’t heard from them in over a week now.

Oh to have my quiet peaceful house back again.  I didn’t know 2 girls could make so much noise.  Neither of them is ever quiet!!  There is one or the other talking, if not both.  Then the singing.  And the dancing.  To be that age again and not a care in the world.  This was only the second sleepover for K in our house.  I don’t think it’s going to be commonplace, but it was fun.  It was even fun for the parents!!  HAHA  Needless-to-say, Lean Green was a bit out numbered by girls with an extra one in the house.  He was already at a disadvantage.  For some reason, he had “chores” to do in the garage an awful lot!!  HAHA


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  1. Debbie

    Ha! Try four of them at one time…on a daily basis. That’s a lot of chaos. LOL

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