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Daily Archives: 23 July 2009

Who Am I to You?

Laura has the meme of sorts going on at her blog.  It pertains to how others view us.  I often wonder….even worry….about how other perceive me.  I got over the “fat chick” thing years ago.  I don’t care of some skin and bones person wants to stare or laugh at me.  I am who I am and I fully believe that I’m just as healthy as a person who doesn’t eat to supposedly “look good”.  I look good to me and that’s really all that matters.

But how do others see me??  Well, that’s a question for the ages.  I’ve been told a few times that I’m a b*tch, and I suppose at times I am.  I’m opinionated, strong willed, stubborn, and very set in my ways.  I’m as independent as one can be, but I rely on my family and friends because I never really want to be alone.  I’m not really a moody person and I like to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.  I’m more of a “glass is half full” type person than “glass is half empty”.  I’d like to think of myself as caring and giving.  I know that I do what I can for others, but do I do enough??


Here are what a few others close to me think….

The Man – I’m the loving and caring wife.  The one who supported him and went wherever I had to in order to be with him during his (our) Army career.  I’m the cheerleader because I believe that there’s nothing that he can do.

Miss K – I’m the awesome momma!!  I’m the one that’s always looked after and been there whenever needed.  The one that believes she’s going to fulfil all her dreams.  Now, I’m not only momma, but I’m teacher too….and a strict one at that!!  I’m the one that can fix (almost) anything and with just a hug or kiss can make things better and will listen to all the words, no matter how bad or good.

The Dogs – I’m the one who spoils them rotten and calls them my kids.  I’m the one who gives out hugs and kisses all day long and tells them that pound puppies are the best!!  I’m also the enforcer of feeding and outside times and they know who to come to if such needs aren’t taken care of.

My Parents – I’m the “kid”….the youngest/only.  I’m the one that they can count on for a phone call and a visit just when they need it.  I’m the one that talks to dad about everything that life has to offer and love to share his past, present and future life.  I’m the one that argues with mom and we know how to push each other to the limits, but we have an unconditional love and bond that will never end.  I’m the one that believes they’re the greatest parents in the world and I’m not afraid to show or tell them.  I’m most definitely the one that can’t imagine my life without either one of them because no matter what, we’ve always been there for each other and they’re my example.

The In-Laws – I’m the one who took their baby away and in the way of their life with him.  Neither can understand that I didn’t take him away, but instead expanded their family.  I’m not hated by them, but I’m not really loved either.

My DRE – I’m the responsible and reliable one.  The one that probably went back to teaching her religion class too soon because I missed them and didn’t want to give added stress to.  I’m the one that loves her stories and can sit and laugh with her and her sister for hours! 

My Kids (Religion Class) – I’m Ms. Elaine and the one that teaches that God is everywhere and loves us.  The one that teaches prayers and how to talk to God.  I’m the one who insists that Christmas isn’t about Santa and Easter isn’t about a bunny.  I’m the one that will enforce the rules and issue punishment, but will also laugh at their stunts and give out hugs.

Church – The one that sits about half way back on the left side….EVERY time.  The one who’s daughter has grown up in front of them and is now an alter server.  The volunteer.

My Family – I don’t really know what I am to most of them.  I moved away from them when I was 15 and have only kept in touch with a few.  I’m the one that they have no doubts loves them.  I’m also the one they feel doesn’t visit often enough.

My Friends – The one that can be counted on and will stand by no matter what.  I’m the one that let’s her opinion known….whether you like it or not.  I’m the one that will be there when needed….and even when I’m not.  I’m the loyal one.  The one that gives a second chance, but don’t expect a third. 

Neighbors – I’m the one who keeps to herself and nobody really knows.  The who yells at kids in her yard because they have no respect of other people’s property.  I’m the one with the terrible flower bed and huge tree that’s always losing leaves.

Bloggers– The one that is either loved or hated, but probably not much in between.  I’m the one who’s not afraid to state her opinions and let others read it….whether it’s agreed with or not.  The one that shares life experiences in the Army and homeschooling.  I’m the one that they can come to for Christian or educational file folder games and printables and will try her best to help others when they need it.  The one that likes to share and give.

So, how do you see me??  How do you think others see me??  How do you think others see you??  Leave a comment or write your blog post about it….and be sure to let me know so I can check it out!! 

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