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Daily Archives: 19 July 2009


I wish I knew where this weekend went, but I don’t know.  The whole weekend is a blur and it flew by. 

We did some more work around the house.  We even got outside for a little bit.  The temp is only in the 90’s right now, so we’re enjoying it while we can.  Yes, that’s a GREAT temperature for us!!  Considering we’ve been in the 100’s lately, this is a cool down.

We at some dinner and watch “Footloose” one night.  We do so enjoy times like that.  The Man couldn’t remember ever seeing the whole thing all the way through and kiddo has never seen it.  She loves the music though.  There’s not a time that a song from the movie comes on the radio where she’s not singing along.  I’d seen it in high school with my ex-boyfriend.  🙂  HAHA  Oh boy, that was a long time ago!!

Today we went to Sam’s after church.  We were low on fruits and vegetables.  Needless-t0-say, we found a few things that we didn’t need too!!  Kiddo got these cool book about “useless information”.  She just loves that stuff!!  With her memory and 4 books to study, she’ll be driving us crazy reciting totally useless information every time we mention something.  You have to remember that this is the girl that basically memorizes the newspaper each morning when she reads it.  She loves the little stories that get tucked away too.  So with these facts…..oh boy!!

On a sad note, today we found out that our Priest will be having surgery.  It seems that he has a tumor in his lower abdomen.  He’s quite confident in the doctors that will be performing the sugery, but you can tell he’s worried.  It sounds quite serious to me.  Please join my family and our church as we pray for him and his medical team that all goes well for his surgery and recovery.

I’ll be volunteering at the church Thrift Store tomorrow.  It’s my first day and I hope they go easy on me.  It’s only a 2 hour shift, so I think I’ll be fine.  The lady that runs it is pretty tough!!  Oh and the last time I was in there to drop stuff off, it was pretty warm in there….not to mention busy!!  It’s no problem to bring Miss K with me too.  She can sit in the back or behind the counter….and she can even help out!!

And, a final tidbit for you….

“One survey found that 10% of Americans thought Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife…”    ~Robert Boynton

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