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Posted by on 17 July 2009

Bullies are nothing new in this world.  They’ve been around harassing people for years.  The main reason that people bully is lack of self esteem.  There’s something very wrong inside of them, so they pick on others in a variety of ways.  In any way that makes them feel good and feel good about themselves.

One of the types of bullies that surprises me the most, although it shouldn’t, is cyber bullies.  Yes, they’ve been around for years now too.  These are the people that hide behind their computer screen and harass people by being totally anonymous because they’re afraid of getting their butts kicked in real life.  No, they can’t walk up to people in person and say things to their face because they know they’d get their faces bashed in.  Therefore, they get on the computer and harass people and snoop around getting into people’s business.

I’ve recently been a victim of one of these types of bullies.  I posted some Disney games to share with people.  These are family games.  Something I make in hopes of bringing family game night back.  It’s all about the kids….and nothing else.  I don’t make a thing from these games.  However, upon sharing these games, it was brought to my attention that it might be breaking copyright of Disney to make and share them.  I checked with people that have been making games much longer than I have and how use the graphics themselves.  Then I searched the internet for not only the usual sites that I use to get the graphics, but other sites that use Disney graphics.  There’s so many sites out there that it’s not even funny.  I couldn’t even begin to count them.  These aren’t just new sites that pop-up either.  I’m talking sites that have existed for years.

My whole theory is that if it’s so illegal to use these graphics, Disney would go after those sites.  Not just some peon like me that only has 3, yes THREE, games posted.  I never claimed the graphics, nor do I want to.  They’re something that kids of all ages love through the years.  They’re images that kids can relate to and it makes them feel good.  I’ve always made it clear that no profit is made for the items I create and that they’re for educational and personal use only.  However, some internet snoop and bully decided to take aim at me. 

They took it upon themselves to threaten me in a comment that I’d be reported if I didn’t remove my games.  No, they don’t say it’s them that will report me.  It’s pretty clear that they will though, otherwise the comment wouldn’t even be made.  There’s just no need to say it unless they have some sort of evil plan.  And yes, it’s an evil plan.  They probably don’t even know me….in fact since they’re in OR, I’m positive that they don’t.  Yet they’re going to act like internet police and report me for my family games.  Little do they know that they’re not really internet police.  They’re nothing more than cyber bullies.  They could go about and mind their own business, but they choose not to.  They want to threaten and make things hard for a person that they don’t even know.  Why??  Who knows!!  Maybe they were bullied themselves.  Maybe they’re just plain mean.  Whatever the reason, a bully is a bully, no matter how or why.

For that, I’ve created a special award for this person.  Whoever CGG (who will from now on be refered to as “the bully”) is and why they choose to hide behind their computer and bother people that they don’t know and interfere in things that aren’t their business, is beside the point.  They have earned my newest award….the “CYBER BULLY AWARD”.  With that said, I present CGG with this….

CyberBullyAward 2a

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes.  They come from all walks of life.  Maybe one day in some dream world we won’t have bullies of any type.  I didn’t create this award out of anger, resentment or anything like what caused this bully to leave the comment and threat to report me.  I created to let them know that one day, they’ll get what they have coming to them.  I’m not the judge or the jury.  But they will meet the judge and jury one day and have to answer for things that they’ve done.  There’s nothing extreme or nasty about the comment they left, but it was NOT necessary.  I truly believe I wasn’t hurting anyone and if I was, I’ll find that out when I meet the same judge and jury that the bully will.  I removed my games not because this bully forced me to, but because my blog means alot to me.  It’s my contact with family, friends, and my way of sharing my life experiences with others.  It’s also one of my outlets for sharing the things that I create.  The bully can be proud of what they’ve done, but they should note that they’ve in NO way, shape, or form won.  I’ll prevail as I always do and in some way probably better than before!!  So bully, pat yourself on the back if you choose, but you haven’t really accomplished anything except looking bad in many eyes.  You can live with and deal with what you’ve done and I’ll just move on, so enjoy your award.  You earned it!!

Have you, my readers, ever experienced a cyber bully??  How did you handle it??  Should you ever experience a cyber bully in the future (or even one from the past) and you’d like to present this “Cyber Bully Award” to them, please leave me a comment and I’ll share my award/code with you.

6 Responses to Bullies

  1. Sarah Dawn

    Delighted to meet you! Just found your site via CSAHM. I just started this blogging adventure a few months ago, but continue to be amazed at the joy, encouragement, and faith that I find.

    Keep writing, the world is reading.

    Hugs from this missionary mommy,
    Sarah Dawn

    • Elaine

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I glanced over your blog and enjoyed what I saw. I’ll definitely be back to read more on you. Sounds like you have an amazing life….and interesting!!

  2. Debbie

    See, this copyright thing is a pain! I wonder….if it’s so illegal, why are these pictures all over the internet and how did they get there? You would think if it’s not being sold and it has the copyright shown under the picture, it wouldn’t be wrong. Some people are just so unhappy they feel the need to make others unhappy. 🙁

  3. Amazing_Grace

    I’m so sorry that you are going through this (next they will come after me). You try to do something nice and then there are these nuts that take everything the wrong way and ruin all the fun. ((hugs))

  4. Another Viewpoint

    I’m not the person who left the comment but I’ve been following this through the lesson plan list. There were several teachers there who warned you that Disney took copyright infringement seriously and cautioned you about posting your games out of honest concern for you, looking out for you.

    I can tell that CGG didn’t post for that reason, but once someone told you that what you’re doing is against the rules, it surprised me that you posted an update saying you chose to leave them up. After CGG posted that comment you did take them down, which makes me think that you must know that you did not have a right to have them up or you wouldn’t worry about it.

    I think as mothers and teachers, it’s really important that we set examples in honesty. It’s not enough to say “everybody else is doing it” or “people are doing worse sins than my sin.” If we know that something we are doing is against the rules, we should either work to change those rules or accept them and follow them.

    Just another perspective.

    • Elaine

      Actually, I don’t know that I was doing wrong and that’s NOT the reason that I removed them. If me making those games is so wrong, it makes no sense what-so-ever that there is so many sites in existance that have Disney graphics open freely on them. There’s also a large number of sites that offer Disney related merchandise (games, printables, and so on). None of these sites are ever closed down or have negative feedback on the items that they have posted. They’re, for the most part, established sites….not just sites that have popped up over night. They’re items are out in the wide open, not on some blog that’s not even read by 100 people in any given day. That’s not “everybody else is doing it”, that’s just the facts and the reality of it. It can’t just be wrong for me and I get reported when they’re right there and don’t get reported. I did contact people that use/offer Disney images and they all said the same thing…..make it clear that the images are property of Disney, don’t make a profit from them and make sure they’re for personal use. All of which I’ve always had clearly stated. However, someone decided NOT to let it go and instead of constant harassment and running the risk of something happening to my blog or group, I removed them. It was nothing more and nothing less. I don’t need to be told how to set an example. I give of myself….time, money, and anything else that I can offer….to others every day. Maybe the best honesty that we could have is to NOT sit on the other side of a screen and judge those that we don’t really know and cause them hardships and pain that they don’t need and then call it concern.

      Oh, and your fake e-mail address….that’s where you report supposed illegal use of Disney images and such.

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