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Posted by on 16 July 2009


Today kiddo and I headed about 45 minutes out of town to do some shopping.  She brought one of her friends with her.  Oh what an adventure to go shopping with 2 tweens!!

Our first stop was Mardel.  They had their huge EDUCATION SALE.  Everything education related is 20% off.  They also had their KIDS SALE, which is also 20% off.  That means if it’s not covered by one sale, it’s covered by the other!!  WooHoo  I really didn’t have much to get.  I definitely didn’t need anything for my religion class.  I’ve got enough for them to last for years!!  HAHA  I did pick up a few teacher items I was in need of.  Kiddo also convinced me to get this squeegee for out dry erase board.  I guess since she’s in charge of keeping the board clean, she wants all the fun fancy tools she can get!!  She almost convinced me to get these really nice dry erase markers….that is until I flipped it over and saw the price!!  Would you believe $23.00 for dry erase markers??  OYE!!  I think there was only 6 in a pack and they looked like they’d be really cool to use.  When I showed her the price, she threw them back on the shelf and grabbed my arm.  She said “let’s just walk away mom….are they crazy?”.  Kiddo is just too much and her friend is just like her.

Our next stop was Kohl’s.  I wanted to look at a crockpot that my mom got.  Hers is oval and mine is round.  She can put in whole chickens or big roasts.  I can’t and generally end up cutting them at least in half.  They’re the same size, it’s just the difference in the shape.  Anyway, I decided I didn’t want to spend money on one right now.  Mine works great and it’s something that I can deal with.

We did find some great deals on clothes though.  I got her 2 tops that were on sale/clearance for $6 and one for $10.  It’s a price I’m willing to pay for the better quality.  I’m so tired of Wal-Mart and discount store quality.  I don’t save a thing because the clothes are JUNK after a couple wash and wears.  Seeing tweens shopping together is quite interesting.  Especially 2 girls that are so similar and laugh all the time, yet have very different taste in clothes and shoes.  I can’t even describe that scene!!  Mom didn’t walk out with nothing.  I got a couple tops and 2 pairs of shorts.  YAY!!  I only had 2 pairs of shorts….both denim.  Now I have khaki and black.  Momma is happy now!! 

I asked the girls if they wanted to go to Target or anyplace else.  They looked at each other, giggled and said (together), “no, let’s go home!”.  So, homeward bound we were.  They didn’t even want to go to Toys R Us, which was a shock.  That’s normally a major stop.  When we go shopping down there, our whole objective is to go to all the stores that we don’t have here in town.  Much to my surprise, Pet Smart or Bed, Bath and Beyond wasn’t mentioned either.  It was just home to play!!

We got back on time for hubby to come home.  We picked him up at the door and and a late lunch/early dinner.  We named some places to eat where we could sit and the girls agreed on Chinese food.  We took them to this buffet that hubby and I went to while kiddo was gone.  It had impressed us and we wanted Miss K to try it.  The girls sat there eatting and laughing through the whole meal.  TWEENS!!

Alright, I’m outtie!!  Have a great one!!

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  1. Debbie

    Sounds like loads of fun….shopping. NOT!! LOL Maybe it’s not so bad if you’re watching two tweens?

    The late lunch/early dinner sounded yummo! Which reminds me, I have a recipe to share! Stay tuned!

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