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What’s Up With That?

Posted by on 29 June 2009

Alright, I could have sworn that I blogged last night.  I can’t be totally losing my mind!!

So yesterday was race day.  It was an awesome race in Loudon, NH.  It’s like a short track, but it’s actually a mile track….which isn’t short.  Just when I start having tolerance toward Kurt Busch, he races dirty yesterday.  He was all up in Jeff on the restarts.  Then he went after Jimmie.  They tried to say it wasn’t on purpose, but if you watch his tires, he was turning into him and it put him back on the track.  Then there’s the other Busch, who I’ll NEVER have any tolerance for.  He caused a major wreck because once again he’s trying to tread the needle.  Everyone checks up but him and BAM!!  Can we say JERK!?!?  Then a stupid Toyota wins it again because of rain.  Give me a break!!  I’m so tired of rain ending the races this year.  All I can say is God was with us when we went to Texas.  It was cool, but there was NO rain!!

On a good note, Jr. had a car he could drive!!  He’s got communication with his new crew chief.  He’s got a crew chief that knows what he’s doing.  And, Jr. is actually driving again.  I love it!!  At one point, he was up in the front (not a race leader though) and looked like he could finish in the Top 10.  Alas, pits had to be taken….then the rain.  He never made it back up, but he sure looked darn good!!

Miss K’s room is done.  It looks amazing.  It’s much more grown up now.  The color is so her and she’s really put things where they belonged and got rid of a few things.  A few is a start!!

Today was an odd day around here.  We just didn’t get much accomplished and I don’t think we tried that hard.  I guess you could call it a “lazy day”.  I even took a nap today!!  I can’t watch tv because I’m so tired of hearing about Michael Jackson.  Yes, he was good (maybe even great) at one time.  Something went wrong with him and he’s never been the same.  He’s definitely NOT an idol or hero.  We have some of his music….the old stuff.  It’s good, there’s no doubt.  But let it go for pity sakes.  There’s REAL news out there happening. 

Then, Billie Mays dies.  That was another strange one.  They said it was heart disease and not the hit to the head.  Still seems strange to me that he and his wife didn’t know he had heart disease.  Yet, he’s hit on the head and “off” because of it and that wasn’t a factor in the death.  Yeah OK!!  How much did the airline pay for that to be covered up??  Maybe it was heart disease….maybe it wasn’t.  Still strange!!

It all leads back to my title today….

What’s up with all that??

2 Responses to What’s Up With That?

  1. Debbie

    Yup! What’s up with that? Not watching it on TV, but it’s all over the darn radio too.

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