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Posted by on 27 June 2009

We spent the entire day painting today.  We started when we got up and didn’t finish until dinner time.  That was just ONE room!!  It was a bit more of a challenge because we’d paint on one coat and then let it dry.  Then we’d paint the second coat and let it dry.  It couldn’t even be tacky because we’d have to move furniture up to the wall that was just painted.  There was just no way to remove all the furniture from that room.

It looks awesome though.  I believe the walls are called “peach butter” and the ceiling will be “almond butter”.  The ceiling will actually be a little darker than the walls.  I can’t even remember the name of the paint color for the trim.  That’s lighter than the walls though.  Tomorrow, we have a small section behind the bookcase to paint and the trim.  The ceiling won’t be done until the end of summer.  We have to move the ceiling fan first and repair the hole.  That’s not a project for right now.

The room screams “MISS K” now though!!  It’s bright and cheerful.  And, it’s definitely a sign of how she’s maturing.  < sigh >  She seems really happy with it and we’re convincing her that it’s time to let go of some of her toys that she hasn’t played with in awhile.  She feels guilty for getting rid of them and that’s something we can relate to.  Unfortunately, it leads to mess and we don’t want that for her.  Somehow, it seems as if she’s ended up with more room.  It also appears to have areas of the room.  Part of the room is like a play area and the other part is like the living area with her bed and clothes.  It’s pretty cool!!

Alright, this tired old lady is out of here!!  It’s been a LONG day and I’m feeling it!!

2 Responses to Painting

  1. Debbie

    Ooo, this sounds like you had fun!

    • Elaine

      Had a blast, but still have to finish the job. We’ll do the ceiling as soon as the ceiling fan gets moved. It needs to be centered in the room so that it circulates more air. Right now, it’s off to one side and the air just sort of goes down one wall.

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