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Posted by on 25 June 2009

When I’d heard today that Farrah Fawcett died today, I wasn’t that surprised.  She’d had a long hard battle with anal cancer.  She handled it like nobody I’d ever known.  She finally agreed to marry Ryan O’ Neal after all their years together.  Farrah believed that one day she’d get that miracle.  She never did get her miracle, except to say that she’s in a better place now.  There is no pain any more.  There is finally peace.

Then later, we’re going to eat dinner and as kiddo turns her radio down, I heard that Michael Jackson had a heart attack and was in the hospital.  Hubby had to go out for something and heard on the car radio that he really was dead, not just in the hospital.  I didn’t believe him.  There’s no way Michael went that way.  But sure enough, the tv news is plastered with the story….Michael Jackson is gone.  His exact cause of death is still unknown.

Later, I started thinking what a tragic day this was.  And what a weird day.  There was 2 huge lives lost today.  Then I started feeling bad for Farrah Fawcett.  This woman had battled cancer and truly was an inspiration for many.  But her story has been put in the back burner, only to be overtaken by the news that Michael Jackson died.  Yes, he had an awesome career.  “Thriller” is an amazing album.  However, he basically turned into a freak.  He had all those surgeries and nobody could even recognize him.  He had the court battles and battles over his actions with kids.  Michael was basically a recluse the past few years.  Yet the story of his death has taken priority over that of Farrah.  Somehow that doesn’t seem just or fair.  She didn’t even get the day that she died to herself.  The one who hid from life and who he was is better or more important than the woman who fought for life??

I don’t don’t know and I can’t judge.  Each of them has already met the judge and been given the place that they will live for eternity.  I just know that here, it’s been a weird day with the news of these 2 deaths.

R.I.P. Farrah


R.I.P. Michael


2 Responses to Weird

  1. Anulee

    Hi nice website.

  2. Debbie

    It is a shame how her death has pretty much been overlooked. I’d much rather hear about her life than one that’s been in the tabloids over and over (for not so good reasons) and all of a sudden he’s been raised to sainthood.

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