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Games Galore

Posted by on 10 June 2009

EDIT & UPDATE:  Donna was nice enough to let me know that I’d put the wrong link for the woodland animals game.  I have now fixed it, so if you were unable to get it before because of my error, it’s now available.  Enjoy!!

I have several file folder games to share tonight.  I’m finlly getting some uploaded to my 4Shared account.  That means that I’ll also be able to start working on my Homeschool and Christian File Folder Games & Printables pages again on this blog.  UGH  Those pages are such a mess.  Once I get them strait, I think I’ll be able to keep it organized.  I should have done it this way to begin with!!  Now, onto the games that I’m sharing tonight!!

I’ve been working on making a complete set of game board/mats for contractions.  I posted a couple awhile ago, but I’ve updaded them since.  I’d left a few contractions off the previous ones.  That means if you got the previous contraction game boards/mats, you’ll need to redownload them.  Yes, every page because I had to change things around to get them all!!  Up first is “A ‘Will” for Deep Sea Contractions” and it uses a cute mermaid and undersea theme.  All contractions are formed using “will”.  Next up is “Don’t Fence Me In, Partner!” and it uses an adorable cowboy/girl theme for all the contractions formed using “not”.  Then I have “Fishin’ for Contractions”.  It’s contractions from “am”, “is”, and “are” using a fishing theme.  Finally, there’s “Woodland Animals Have It All” for contractions made from “have”.  You guessed it, the theme is cute little woodland animals.  I have 2 more sets to do and those will be for contractions from “had” and “would”.  I’m considering a farm theme for at least one of them and the other is still up in the air.  I’m having fun doing these though and I like the idea of a complete set of contraction game boards/mats.

I’ve also made a couple science file folder games.  The first one is called “All Them Bones” and it’s for player(s) to label parts of the skeleton.  I labeled lots of bones for this game so it has a large range in ages that could play.  It can also be played in teams.  All that is in the directions and I’ve even included an answer key for this ffg.  There’s also “State of the Matter” where object tokens are sorted according to what state of matter they are.  All objects will be a solid, a liquid, or a gas.  There’s also an answer key provided with this ffg.

I have a math game called “Show Henny How to Skip Count by 3 to the Hen House”.  Despite the long title, it’s a cute and fun game to learn how to skip count by 3’s.  They player will be able to move Henny to the hen house by counting by 3’s or by putting egg baskets down that are skip counted by 3’s.  It’s all in the directions and there’s even a worksheet to help practice!! 

I’ll be uploading more file folder games, both educational and Christian.  Please watch my Christian Printables & File Folder Games page and my Homeschool Printables & Educational File Folder Games pages for my newest creations….and some older ones too!!  Be warned, it’s a mess right now, but that’s what I’m working on and it’ll be much easier to navigate.

Let me know what you think of all these games by leaving a comment.  I always like to know what the kids think when they play to learn with my creations!!


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4 Responses to Games Galore

  1. Donna

    I wanted to say that your games are fabulous. I teach children with autism and they respond well to file folder games because of the repetition. Thank you for making such fabulous games. The Woodland Game is showing up as the fishing game, I ws wondering if you could fix this. Again thank you for your wonderful creations and for helping enrich the lives of children.

    • Elaine

      Donna, than you for letting me know about my mistake. So many have already been here to download them and didn’t inform me. Hopefully they’ll come back for the right pages.

      I’m so happy that I can create games that your children can use. If you ever need anything specific, please let me know. I do my best to try to make games to suit people’s needs.

  2. Donna

    Thank you for fixing the link. These games are wonderful. You mentioned in your blog that you made multiplication games 1-12, do you have them on your 4 shared account.
    Thank you for all of your hard work.
    My daughter next year will marry into the army life, any advice for her.

    • Elaine

      Donna, I do have a complete set of multiplication games. However, they are all Christian based, using people and objects from the Bible, etc. I’d be more than happy to upload them to my 4Shared account and put them in a blog post. If you’re interested, please let me know. Also, I have WAY more games than this, they’re a combination of Christian and educational. You can join the Y!Group “The Creative Kingdom” to have access to all my games and a couple other members that make amazing games as well are in our files. I don’t post everything I create here, because that’s what my group is for!! So please check it out!!

      As far as Army life, she has to embrace it. WOW!! It’s best not to fight it and get upset at every deployment or duty station. It’ll just make them both miserable. Trust him no matter what. Late hours and time apart doesn’t mean an affair. She needs to love him and believe in what he does. Every duty station is different and some of the women are horrible, but there’s always a good one. Don’t let her pull herself away from the other military wives, because no matter what any one says, it’s her connection to the life. It’s a long, rough road, but it’s so worth it in the end. There’s lots of help available on post. She might have to find it, it won’t come to her. We’ve never lived on post, but I always kept my connections there and I loved to volunteer.

      If she ever has any questions, she’s more than welcome to drop me a line. I’ll do what I can to help or answer any questions. I wish her and her Army man all the best and hope that they’re blessed with happiness.

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