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The “Unfortunately” Game

Posted by on 9 June 2009


This blog post is going to be a fun game that I found by Rosemary at “Free Advice Worth Every Penny”.  For this game, you type unfortunately <insert your name>into any search engine like Google, Yahoo, or anything similar.  So for me, I typed in unfortunately Elaine and the results.  Of course, I’m going to add some comments for my own take on the result!!  Here we go….

We ate at several very good restaurants during our weekend in the Hill Country and unfortunately Elaine’s Table was the one stain on our …  My table a stain??  I can’t imagine.  What, did we laugh too much for you or were you too busy downing the buffet??

Unfortunately Elaine’sways didn’t gel with the bizarro world, where the gang was into reading and preferred people ask before “eatin’ olives” straight from … I should say that you’d ask before dipping your fingers in my jar.  Oh wait….you will NOT find olives in this house!!

 Unfortunately Elaine knew he meant it. He had shot people for much less. Even people who befriended her sometimes disappeared off the face of the earth. … I have a list of names and should you see any of these people, tell them that they’re not hiding very well!!

Unfortunately Elaine did not examine the wounds at all when I was at the walk-in clinic. Perhaps in future she will take a little extra time to do this. … Hey, I’m not a real doctor.  I only play one on television!!

Tammy and David followed in their car, while Elaine led the way. Unfortunately, Elaine and David didn’t have an opportunity to do much planning. …  I know that one day though, I’ll be able to put the slip on them and make my escape.  They can’t follow forever!!

Unfortunately, Elaine and Ed were not able to change their own thinking to improve the way they related to each other, and eventually they parted company. … It’s my way or the highway!!

Unfortunately, Elainehas to leave us soon. She will be flying on the 29th, back to HK. We really can’t bear to see her leaving, and we are gonna miss her … I know you can’t bear it, but alas, I must!!

 Unfortunately, Elaine’s victory over oblivion is only temporary. Turns out she unconsciously plagiarized her caption from Tom Wilson’s hideous daily cartoon … I did NOT and I plead the 5th!!

 Unfortunately, Elaine also printed business cards and stationery using her company’s name before she found out that it wasn’t available in her state. … What??  They can’t claim my name….it’s mine, all mine!!

Unfortunately, Elaine was spotted leaving my room the next morning by one of the other crew. In this job a secret stays a secret for a matter of seconds … It wasn’t me, I swear.  I was on the computer ALL night!!

Unfortunately, Elaine is too late. Her attempts to get them involved in solving these problems together, as “twins,” fails because of Bob’s emotional … It’s never too late and I never fail!!

Great to hear from you John, We had a fantastic trip to Antarctica, but unfortunately Elaine has picked up cold after cold and she is still coughing a lot! …  Of course I caught a cold.  Do you realize how COLD it is in Antartica.  Your pee freezes on the way out for pity sakes!!

So there you have it.  Why don’t you play along??  It’s fun and a great blog post.  If you decide to play, leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to go check it out!!

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  1. Debbie

    You’re a kook! LOL

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