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At The Vet

Posted by on 9 June 2009


I had the most awesome experience at my grandparents house.

I started off the morning scared, but the feeling was soon gone.  We started the morning by cleaning the operating table off.  Then we got to neuter 3 cats!  It was so cool.  I put eye drops in the cats eyes so they won’t get dry during the surgery. There was an 18 year old there who told me she has always wanted to be a vet and she’s been there since she was 13. 

Then the rest of the day we did a lot of  horses.  We did 2 right after the 3rd cat.  We did an ultrasound on both the horses and it turned out they were BOTH pregnant.  Then we went to a pizza place for lunch.  We kind of rushed because he had a patient coming early.  We got back to the Vet and they were already there.  We mainly took blood tests for the horses.  Overall I say we did 17 horses.  It was then almost time for me to leave when there was an emergency.  The tissue from below the eye came up and over the dog’s eye.  The dog looked so pitiful.  Anyways it had an allergic reaction to flea medicine.  So I just put the eye drop medicine on the dog’s eye and the Vet himself told the owners keep him out of sunlight until the tissue is lowered.

I asked the girl who helped me all day “What was the worst thing you have seen?”  She said there was a hit and run dog that came in and they had to put it asleep, she also had a horse come in and it’s stomach was turned .

So overall I had a blast!!  I’m encouraging all those kids who want to be a vet to go out there and be one because we need them in our tough times!!  Have a great day!

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  1. Debbie

    Miss K,

    I was happy to see a new post from you. It sounds like you had a very exciting day! So are you more determined than ever to be a vet now that you’ve had some experience?

    PS: Very well written post!

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