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Absent for a Day & a Rant

Posted by on 8 June 2009

I can’t believe that it’s been since Saturday that I last did a blog entry.  That just doesn’t seem right.  I could have sworn that I did something Sunday.  Since Saturday??  NO WAY!! 

Sunday was a relaxing day for us.  We spent the day together and got things in order and ready for the week.  Kiddo got unpacked and her room cleaned up.  Hubby finished up his weekend chores, like mowing the lawn.  I got bills paid and the paperwork taken care of for the week. 

Since today was Monday, kiddo and I got a start on Summer School.  I think she’s going to love it since we’re only working on the subjects that she loves the most….social studies and science.  We’ll be doing experiments and she gets to do a lot with maps.  I’ll throw some math at her now and then (but don’t tell her!!) and make sure she stays up on it.  Mainly, we’re just putting her back where she needs to be after not getting any of either of those subjects her last year in school. 

I’m on a mad paperwork hunt because we got the application, or should I say a letter, back from our dental insurance today.  They need a 2-month payment by credit card.  We both know that we read someplace that if we signed up within a certain number of days after retiring, that there was a fee that was waived.  I’m not happy about putting anything on a credit card, especially insurance.  There’s little piles of retirement paperwork that haven’t found permanent homes in his briefcase or my file cabinet yet.  That paperwork is someplace in there….I know it is!!  What they need 2 months for is beyond me because the monthly payment will start immediately from his retirement check.  I mean anything we’ve had to have as an automatic deduction starts so fast your head will spin.  It’s not like they don’t get their money for pity sakes.  Health insurance started coming out right away.  His life insurance was supposed to take 60 days.  HA!!  That same month we applied.  You know, it’s just amazing how fast that retirement paycheck is dwindling down.  The saddest fact is that ALL of it is for insurance of one sort or the other.  Heaven knows how much worse it’d be if we were dealing with civilian insurance. 

Yep, it’s a fact, this country will be insurance payment poor.  Our new man in office has plans to tax insurance proceeds too.  Isn’t that messed upspecial!?!?  I haven’t fully read on this, but I plan to.  I want to know exactly what he’s got up his sleeve.  But don’t you know, with all those American auto workers out of a job and unemployment up, he still insists that this country is in better shape.  He’s promising new jobs.  Where….McDonalds or Wal-Mart??  That’s not going to feed a family with costs going up the way they are.  Heck, you can’t even afford insurance from wages at a job like that.  American auto makers are having to close plants and make less cars, but I don’t see us importing less foreign cars.  Now that would be a START at improving conditions in America.  Then, we start bringing the rest of the jobs back to America, including telephone operators that are now in India and don’t understand a word when you have a question.  Then and only then will that man be able to say that things are improving.  Oh yeah, and when my mom (and us) can have insurance that doesn’t break us and every other ad on tv isn’t for some new medical drug that has warnings that last longer than the commercial. 

That’s where our insurance money goes…..medical drugs.  We sat there tonight amazed at a commercial for some “new” drug that helps depression.  But the crazy warning says “may cause feelings of hopelessness” and “my increase thoughts of suicide”.  Now isn’t that just an effective drug there.  Uh huh!!  The only thing that makes me feel hopeless is the condition of our government right now!!  SHEESH

See, that’s what happens when I miss a blog entry!!  I find the closest soap box and stay there until if fall off!!  HAHA  Ah, but it’s the truth.  We’re in bad shape right now, that is unless you’re rich.  It’s only going to get worse too.  But hey, while we’re all worried about how we can afford the next tank of gas, our insurance payment and whether or not it’s hot dogs or hamburger for dinner, our President is off touring Paris on our dime….and it’s NOT their first trip!!

Ain’t life grand!?!? 

5 Responses to Absent for a Day & a Rant

  1. Debbie

    Sneak that math into science. That’s the ticket. LOL

    I have a theory on insurance. BTW, they probably want two months in case you’re late on one of your payments…they can then draw on the extra month you’re paying for. My theory is…If doctors and hospitals would bring down their costs, we wouldn’t need insurance. Then again, if insurance companies would bring up the rates they would pay, the doctors and hospitals could bring down their rates. So what comes first? The chicken or the egg? LOL Incidentally, when K was hit in the nose with the softball, the bed she waited and waited and waited on will cost us $894/hr. The doctor spent less than 5 minutes with us the whole time we were there. Can’t wait to see his bill.

    Now don’t you even get me started on this doggone government! They should all be tarred and feathered. We’ve got a bunch of selfish idiots in there!

  2. Debbie

    Geez, I jumped right on that soap box with you! LOL

    • Elaine

      Jump right on, girl!! Someone has to start jumping on and doing something about it. Our dictator in the White House is about to bring this country to its knees. We’re all going to be insurence and tax poor soon. There’s no thought going into any of this and Congress doesn’t even know what half the stuff is that they’re approving. If the rich think they’re immune, they’re wrong and they better start watching how far the dictator is going to dig in their pockets!!

  3. LeraJenkins

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  4. PeterMontee

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