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Something for Nothing

Posted by on 3 June 2009

As I cleared out our curriculum from last year, I realized that I had a dilemma on my hands.  I didn’t know what to do with all the books.  I could try to sell them, but I won’t get what they’re worth. 

This is a huge issue for me and I’ll explain why.  When kiddo was little, we had a HUGE garage sale.  I had tons of her clothes for sale, most of it like new.  Some even had price tags still on it.  She’s an only child, so she dresses nice.  I used to get her OshKosh at the P/X  all the time because it was priced that we could afford it.  I had all the outfits pinned together and everything was in piles according to size.  The really nice stuff was hanging up.  My prices were more than fair.  I had OshKosh outfits for $2, new clothes for $2-5 depending on brand and what it was.  Everything else was 50¢ to $1.  I had people coming by constantly asking for it for 10¢ and 25¢.  I told them that they were crazy.  I mean this is clean in good condition, better than good, and I wasn’t giving it away.  One lady actually said to me “I’ll come back before you close because you’ll be ready to get rid of it by then”.  Mind you, she was in a nice car and dressed well.  It pissed me off so bad, that I boxed most of the stuff up and put it back in the garage.  When she came back she said, “I didn’t think that you’d really sell it all at those prices”.  Well, I didn’t….charity got it, but at least SHE didn’t get it!!

Another case in point, I have reading books of Miss K that I was going to sell.  I mean we’re talking full sets of books like Junie B. Jones.  I can’t remember the price, but it was like $25-30, which is well below the cost of new.  These are new!!  She outgrew them long before she had a chance to read them all and she was required to get books from the library, so she didn’t read much of what was at home.  Complete sets of books and I was offered $5 for them.  GIVE ME A BREAK!!  They’re still sitting on the floor by my front door.  Eventually, I’ll donate them to the library in town or on post.  I will NOT give them to someone who’s too cheap to pay for something.

Now I know times are tight, but they haven’t always been.  Especially like when we had that yard sale.  But even when times are tight, you can’t expect people to buy something new and you steal it from them because you’re too cheap to pay what it’s worth.  I know it’s used, but sometimes used doesn’t mean that it’s really been used.  Sometimes, things sit around and get forgotten or just not needed after all.  If you can afford to go out to dinner, to a movie or buy clothes, I’d think you can afford to buy your child curriculum at a reasonable price and not have it given to you. 

Basically, that’s what I’m looking at happening to all this curriculum.  I’m going to have to give it away and that’s not right.  I invest alot in it, I’d think that someone could invest in just a little in return to get it for their kids.  I don’t expect to get rich or even break even what I paid.  Last year’s curriculum, we did use.  I have a set of Math 5 that we didn’t use though.  But dang, you gotta pay something.  You can’t expect everything for free….used or not!!  Trust me, I like freebies as much, if not more, than the next person….but not at that person’s expense.  There’s a time to be reasonable and a time to give something up because if you want it bad enough or need it that bad, you’ll find a way!!

Because of all the cheap-os that I’ve found, now when I can’t sell it for a reasonable price, I donate it.  The books will go to the library.  Clothes go to our church.  At least the church Thrift Store puts the money back into the church.  In fact, I know they donated some of their proceeds to our religious education fund.  I don’t give to Goodwill often because I found out that the people that work there often go through the items and see what they can find for themselves.  Some will deny this, but I got it first hand.  It might not be a typical practice and it might even be rare, but since I know, I don’t give as much as I used to.  Besides, all I gave to them can go to our Thrift Store.

So, that brings me back to the dilemma of this curriculum.  I’ve checked out e-Bay and I just don’t see where it’s effective.  I’ll have to pay e-Bay and I’ll have to run back and forth to the post office.  AAHHHH  I just don’t know!!  As you see, the dilemma is still there!!


NOT from this girl all the time any more!!  Money is tight here too, so fork it over!!


P.S.  For those that don’t know me, you should know that I give an awful lot.  I’m not a greedy or uncaring person.  Sometimes I give just too much.  I’m just tired of the people who want something for nothing….ALL THE TIME!!

3 Responses to Something for Nothing

  1. Debbie

    LOL I’m sitting here laughing because of the awful time I had with the rummage sale at church. I would have given everything away just to get rid of it. What a god awful amount of stuff I had to find a home for afterwards. Ugh!! I will never do a rummage sale on that scale ever, ever, EVER again. LOL I do agree though. Nobody wants to pay a fair price for anything.

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