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I’m a Winner!!

Posted by on 2 June 2009

I actually won something!! YAY!!  I went to check my “business junk” e-mail account and there was a message saying that I’d won a $25 gift certificate.  I couldn’t believe it!!  I only check this particular account once a day usually because when I sign up for freebies, mail order catalogs and such, I use that e-mail account.  That way, it keeps all the clutter away from my personal e-mail account.  Well, that goes for my graphics and clipart as well.

When I purchase something to make a game, I use that e-mail so that I get the receipt and can just file it away.  They also send out weekly updates and sales, so they go to that account.  Many of the graphic “stores” that I use have a drawing once a month.  Some have a minimum that you have to spend and some don’t.  The drawing notification is usually on the front page and I kind of chuckle each time I see it.  I always say “I’ll never win an awesome prize like that!” because I never do.

HAHA  I was wrong!!  The notice said that I won the $25 gift certificate from Wrapped to Perfection and my name is right on the home page!!  WooHoo  I’ll be able to get some good stuff with that gift certificate.  I mean, $25 in graphics is alot and you can get quite a bit if you use it right.  I’m so excited!!  You can be this excited to if you need graphics or clipart and you check out some of the sites that I use. 


I can never say never again!!

P.S.  This wasn’t the post I was going to have tonight.  I was going to share some games that I’ve made.  I’ll be sure to post those tomorrow night, but I had to share my news about the gift certificate and me actually winning it!!  HEHE

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  1. Debbie

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! This win is right up your alley.

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