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Posted by on 1 June 2009

Do you like clothes shopping??  I don’t particularly enjoy it.  Now shoe shopping, that’ s another story!!  However, I hate buying clothes.  It’s gotten worse as time goes on.

I’ve always been a big girl, so it’s hard to find clothes that fit me.  I’m short and chunky and boy, let me tell you that’s not a good combo when it comes to finding women’s clothes.  I used to be much heavier and I hated the way they expected you to dress.  Everything was sweats or potato sacks.  I’m not ashamed of who I am and I refuse to dress like I am.

These days, now that all our clothes are imported it’s even harder.  When you have people that are a standard size 2 making your clothes, they don’t know what a LARGE is!!  Quite a while ago, I was talking to this manager at Dillard’s.  I was looking for uniforms for Miss K.  I kept complaining how badly they fit her.  This manager told me that in the past couple years, clothes have sized down almost 2 full sizes.  That means what once what was a size 14 in misses, is now a size 10.  She said in the next couple years, they expect it to go down at least one more size.  Now that’s just CRAZY!!  Why don’t we bring the jobs back to America and have them made by American sized people??  (Well, that’s a whole other topic!!)  Oh wait, there’s no profit in that because you actually have to pay them a wage and you might only make hundreds of thousands instead of millions.

Anyway, I have a horrible wardrobe.  I have tons of clothes and hate almost all of them.  Little by little, I get rid of them and then regret it.  I always have my “what if” clothes a size smaller and larger.  Never need them….shock there!!  I haven’t worked since I had kiddo, so I’m always dressed like a mom.  It’s called comfortable!!  Of course, Stacy and Clinton hate that word and expect us to be dressed up to cook dinner and vacuum.  Me….NO WAY!!  So I’ve realized how stuffed my closet is and how sucky my clothes are.  Therefore, I’m on a mission to clean it out.  OUT with all the solid color tops and in with some color and prints.  This of course is going to have to happen over time since we’re not made of money.  I’ll be getting rid of them quicker than I buy new ones.  That goes back to the NOT liking to shop part.  I made a good start at it this weekend when we stopped at Kohl’s and I bought myself 3 tops.  WOW…3!!  But, considering I buy Lean Green and Miss K nice stuff all the time, this was indeed a shock.  Hubby and I went out Sunday night (because the house is quiet) and I got 3 more tops.  Huge WOW there!!

Of course, now that I have them, there’s no guarantee that they’ll actually still fit me after I wash and dry them the first time.  Back when Wal-Mart was American made, I used to love to get things there.  Now, I rarely buy any of us clothing or shoes there.  The clothes shrink to half their original size the first time you wash them.  Then, if they survive that, they are faded by the 4th washing.  ARG  Time will tell how this start to a new wardrobe works out.  Cross your fingers or say a prayer or I may be naked wearing rags if I get rid of too many and lose what I’m replacing them with!!

What’s your favorite outfit??  Where do you shop for clothes??  What’s your favorite thing to shop for??  Be sure to vote in my new poll and let me know whether or not you like shopping for clothes!!

2 Responses to Clothes

  1. Debbie

    Guess what? I hate it too. LOL I can stand to shop for others more than myself. The problem is I pick out clothes I like the look of and then try it on and I hate how it looks on me. Then I get disgusted and go home. LOL I guess I have to learn what kinds of things look best on my figure type? I have no idea. I don’t think I’ll ever figure it out. Give me a pair of sweats and I’m good. Ha ha!

  2. shanethao

    I’m dissapointed because whatever happen to MADE in the U.S.A.

    I have to shop everywhere because chances are I could fit into a bigger or smaller size depending on the cut and style. I love shopping for blouses, printed tees, and heels.

    Thanks for sharing!

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