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Daily Archives: 28 May 2009

Under the Microscope

Miss K and I were playing with the microscope today.  We already knew early on that we were going to spend most of the summer getting science and social studies caught up from the lack that she had in 4th grade.  We started with just a simple “lab” today of analyzing a couple of things.

We even did something fun with it!!  I hooked the web cam up and after we looked at our objects under the scope, we took pictures of them with the web cam.  Now, they’re not the highest quality, but they’re good and something that we can go back and look at again.  I’m even going to share some of them with you!!

First off, we have glitter.  You can see the distinct shape of the pieces and you can even tell the colors….red, yellow, and blue.

Picture 29

Next is a blade of grass with a close-up view.  It’s not green because it’s dead, otherwise it would be bright green!!  (That’s for another day.)

Picture 28

This is some algea (we think) from water that’s been “growing” in a container outside.  This was probably the most fun to look at!!

Picture 1Picture 5

The final picture is a CHALLENGE to all my readers!!  I want you to leave me a comment and tell me what you think we were viewing under the microscope.  The only clue is that it’s a common item in just about, if not every, household!!  And, it looks like this….

Picture 24

So, what do you think it is??

I’ll let you know AFTER the weekend, so be sure to check back!!

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